Baby Shower Cakes for Bouncing Baby Boys

Yesterday we checked out cakes for baby showers for girls, so today is all boys! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

I’m not just saying this because I’m having a boy, but I found myself making a lot more high pitched awwws and oohs at these cakes than the girl ones. I just loved how whimsical and creative they were. I found so many more boy cakes that stood out to me and it was almost impossible to narrow them down.

I personally love all of the different gum paste/fondant creatures on these cakes, but I know that there are some buttercream purists out there and I have one for you too. I warned you of my soft spot for monkeys, it turns out that it’s pretty much all animals when it comes to babies.

Now, all that said, there’s no reason that any of these cakes couldn’t easily be used for a girl, it just happens that they were made for boys. Don’t shoot the messenger, just oh and ah at some cakes with me.

  • Fondant Free Monkey! 1 of 12
    Fondant Free Monkey!
    Not that it's easy to work with fondant, but I am always impressed by well decorated fondant-free cake and the adorable faces on this cake are exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about.
    Cake and photo by Delicately Delicious
  • Monkeys and Giraffes and Tigers, Oh My! 2 of 12
    Monkeys and Giraffes and Tigers, Oh My!
    Again, the animals, they just kill me with their little faces. I don't know that I could actually eat them because they are seriously so cute. Even more impressive, this one is from a novice!
    Cake and photo by Fresh From the Oven
  • Monkeys! 3 of 12
    Yep, a bit of a theme. I promise I'll move on after this. I just cannot stand the adorableness of a well decorated monkey.
    Cake and photo by Simply Sweets
  • Pastel Zoo Cake 4 of 12
    Pastel Zoo Cake
    See, no monkeys. But still, very delicate pastel zoo animals. And they even managed to do a bow without making it super feminine. A gorgeous cake for a special little boy.
    Cake and photo by The Cook Duke
  • Picnic with Friends 5 of 12
    Picnic with Friends
    If the eyes on the penguin don't make you melt a little bit you have no soul. Or you may not have a plethora of pregnancy hormones coursing through your body turning you into a weepy mess. One way or the other. This is one of those cakes that is so flawless that you almost can't believe it's real.
    Cake and photo by Charm City Cakes
  • Jungle Safari! 6 of 12
    Jungle Safari!
    I promise, this is the last zoo/safari/animal heavy cake. I just can't help myself. I absolutely love the zebra striping on the cake, it transforms a white layer into something really awesome. And the animals are simply adorable.
    Cake and photo by My Creative Way
  • Sports Cake 7 of 12
    Sports Cake
    This one caught my eye because it is a remarkably clean cake. It's so well put together, it's another one where it's hard to believe that this is real. And the detail work on the baseball cap is simply awesome.
    Cake and photo by Main Made Cakes
  • Sailboats! 8 of 12
    I love this one because it's a little different than all the others. Not that there's anything wrong with the animal cakes, but I think this is a fun spin that is perfect for a baby shower theme!
    Cake and photo by My Sweet and Saucy
  • Baby Face Cupcakes 9 of 12
    Baby Face Cupcakes
    Okay, I know I may have once said that I had issues with cakes that look like babies, but not these little guys. These faces are just way too adorable, and their perfect little caps are almost too cute.
    Cake and photo by The Cupcake Blog
  • Baby Giraffe Cake 10 of 12
    Baby Giraffe Cake
    So maybe I said no more animals, but I can't help myself. I love the pastels with the brown, and the little sitting giraffe on top just melts my heart. The detail work on the edges of each layer is pretty impressive too.
    Cake and photo by Tickled Pink Cakes
  • Rubber Duckies! 11 of 12
    Rubber Duckies!
    What could be more fun than a bath full of rubber duckies? A cake full of them, I say. This one is so whimsical and fun that I just cannot handle it. I am seriously considering the rubber ducky now.
    Cake by Liz Ramirez, photo available at Plan the Perfect Baby Shower
  • Baby Boy Cupcakes 12 of 12
    Baby Boy Cupcakes
    Again with the cupcakes, I know. But these are possibly my favorites of the bunch. The amount of detail in the decorations as well as the texturing of the fondant layer is just perfect. I cannot imagine a cuter bunch of cupcakes that are more perfect for a boy's baby shower.
    Cake and photo by Hernov Patisserie

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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