Baby Stealing: Why Pregnant Women Shouldn't Friend Strangers on Facebook

Pregnant?  Have a new baby? Use the popular social networking websites?

Would you ever add someone to your friends that you really don’t know?  I can tell you that I don’t add just anyone to my friends, and I deny at least one friend request a day simply because I do not know the person on the other end.   If you would consider adding a perfect stranger, maybe this story will change your mind!

Kathy Michelle Coy, a 33-year-old Kentucky mother of two is in hot water, after allegedly befriending a random local pregnant woman on facebook before she coaxed her out shopping for free baby goods, kidnapping her, then subduing her with a stun gun… killing her, and then cutting her baby out with a drywall knife.

Sounds like an episode of Private Practice right?  While this was a story line on the popular ABC medical drama, this is also something that is nothing new, as it has happened dozens of times across the country over the years, even before the age of the internet.

According to state police in Kentucky, Kathy claimed to have hidden a miscarriage from her husband and family, and continued to fake her third pregnancy.  During this time she became friends with several pregnant women on facebook including 21-year-old Jamie Stice.

Last Wednesday the story came to a head when Coy picked up Stice to go shopping, but instead drove her to a heavily wooded area to carry out her plan to kill her and steal her baby. After accomplishing this, she took the baby to a friends house. The friend then called 911.

According to the Gawker, Coy brought  into the home, a uterus, ovaries and placenta with umbilical cord still attached, along with the baby.  YIKES!    I can’t even imagine the horror her friend experienced when seeing this.  Not only that but the horror and torture the poor mother went through before losing her life.

Coy insisted she delivered the baby herself, but after talking to several different people including the police, hospital staff, and her friend, she changed her story.  First she delivered the baby, then she bought the baby from a woman by the name of Ashley and then finally admitted what she really did after the police discovered her plan, as well as a missing Jamie Stice.

Eventually Coy led the police to the body of the missing pregnant woman, according to the local news sources out of Kentucky.

The story itself is not only a tragedy, but it should be a lesson to all pregnant women, and women with new babies across the country… Be careful on the internet! You may be grown, or think that you can handle strangers in the case that something horrible like this happened, but I am sure the women involved in this story never thought in a million years they would be tracked down by this clearly ill woman.

Keep your page private, screen your friends, and don’t meet strangers from the internet!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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