Babymoon Success… Plus, My Biggest Babymoon Problem

We just got back from our babymoon – and it was a grand success!

I have a sneaking suspicion that most babymoons are warm-weather trips, and ours totally fit the bill – we headed to Miami for a little fun and sun on South Beach. We stayed at a wonderful hotel on Ocean Drive, went to bed early every night, and woke up for the gorgeous seaside sunrises. We went to far-too-expensive restaurants and mutually stuffed our faces with delicious food.  In a word, it was… perfection.

Except for one thing.

My biggest issue? Well, pun not intended, but none of my bathing suits fit anymore… and I didn’t discover this problematic fact until the night before we left on our trip! Everything – and I do mean ever-y-thing – was too big for my old two pieces.

I debated wearing my fitness swimsuit – a sleek and sexy one-piece black number (I kid) – but decided that a sports bra and an older pair of bikini bottoms would simply have to do. I completely mismatched, but I made it work. Kind of. And sure, I could have sprung for a cute maternity bikini, but figured since this was my one and only chance to hit the beach while pregnant, it would be better to just be a fashion disaster.

On a side note, I also discovered while packing for my trip that none of my summer shorts fit. Being six months pregnant, this shouldn’t have been a surprise, but it was! All of my shorts were loose (last summer) and I expected to at least be able to get them over my hips. No dice! Guess I’ll have to hit up the Old Navy racks soon. Once the warmer weather comes to North Carolina, I simply won’t be able to get away with  not having any proper shorts!

What special wardrobe items have you outgrown? Did you buy maternity versions or are you just roughing it?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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