Baby's Before-Birth Personality

That's me, pregnant with my "sensitive" baby

Being almost 30 weeks pregnant with my third, I’ve experienced a fair amount of “pregnant time.”  One thing that has really stood out to me is how different each baby was…even while still in the womb. 

Also, somewhat surprisingly, their “womb personalities” have fairly closely mirrored their real personalities!  Babies can definitely ‘tell’ you who they are, even before birth!

My first baby was very stubborn.  She’d stick her little elbows and knees into my ribs and when I gently pushed them back in…she’d stick them right back!  She was absolutely determined to do whatever was most comfortable to her.  And although, now, and 3, she isn’t that way about the same sort of issues (she tends to be very careful not to hurt people), she’s still determined to do what she wants and very independent too!

My second baby was much calmer and more gentle.  He never stuck limbs out where they could hurt me, and always seemed so cautious.  He’s generally very sensitive and seems “aware” of people a lot now.  (Though he’s not personally cautious at all!  Nothing’s too high to climb.)

This baby seems very different, too.  Very active, very “oblivious.”  This baby won’t quit flipping into different positions almost everyday.  Head down, breech, transverse, and around again.  The baby never hurts me really like my first, but doesn’t seem at all deliberately cautious like my second, either.  I’ve kind of imagined this baby as very “day dreamy” and so far it kind of seems like that.  Of course, since s/he isn’t here yet, that remains to be seen!

It’s amazing how different babies are, almost immediately. 

Have you experienced this?  Did your baby’s “before-birth” personality match baby’s ‘actual’ personality at all?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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