17 Bad Habits to Break Before Baby Arrives

“Having a baby changes your life in ways you can’t even imagine.” I think this is the most consistent comment I get from people when I tell them that we’re trying to start a family. That and, “Sleep now.”

Planning a pregnancy lets you consider all sorts of things about what life will be like with a baby. Recently, it led me to think about some of my not-so-great habits — habits that I don’t want around when the baby arrives. As I was writing this post, I started thinking, “Wow, these readers are going to think I’m an awful person.” Highlighting a bunch of bad habits all in one place and recognizing poor characteristics of yourself — and then sharing them with strangers — is no easy task, so I feel as though this post requires a caveat: I really am not so bad. Really.

That being said, check out some bad and embarrassing habits I hope to break before our baby arrives after the jump.

  • Texting in the Car 1 of 17
    Texting in the Car
    Before you all scream at me, I didn't say texting while driving -- which I do not do. But I have been known to text at a stoplight or read a text at a stop sign. I know this isn't safe, and I want to break this habit before there's a baby in the car.
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  • My Closeted Junk-Food Habit 2 of 17
    My Closeted Junk-Food Habit
    The office I work in is notorious for bringing in cakes and cookies and doughnuts and pastries. It is so hard to pass these goodies up, especially since they are often right next to my desk! My wife and I don't keep this sort of food in the house. At all. I'd like to gain some willpower to stay away when this food is in the office.
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  • Sleeping In 3 of 17
    Sleeping In
    So many women are telling me, "Sleep now. Because it's all over when the baby gets here." But I actually want to get used to sleeping fewer hours to prep -- or at least, better prep -- myself for when the baby arrives. Currently, I get eight to nine hours each night and I know that will be far from the case when the baby arrives, so I think I should start getting used to less sleep now.
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  • Biting My Cuticles 4 of 17
    Biting My Cuticles
    I used to bite my nails, but I gave that habit up years ago. Now, though, I bite and pick at my cuticles constantly. It's a gross and ugly habit that I hope to end completely. With all the new germs that are bound to come with having a baby, I want to make sure they don't end up in my mouth.
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  • Using Chemical Cleaners 5 of 17
    Using Chemical Cleaners
    Our home is about 80 percent green, but we haven't been able to get rid of some Old Reliables when it comes to our cleaning products. There's just nothing that gets the toilet as clean as Clorox or our clothes and clean as Tide. Also, I really like the smell of Tide. But we hope to switch to a 100 percent clean-green home over the next few months. Any suggestions on alternative laundry detergent?
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  • Hitting the Snooze Button 6 of 17
    Hitting the Snooze Button
    Believe it or not, this is very different than my "sleeping in" habit. On a regular basis, namely Monday through Friday, I hit the snooze button about four times before dragging myself out of bed. I'm a slow waker-upper, and I don't drink coffee, so I think it's wise to get used to having to get right up at a second's notice.
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  • Easily Complaining 7 of 17
    Easily Complaining
    No one likes a complainer. Haven't we all been told that? Lately, I find myself getting easily annoyed and bitching about the most unimportant things. This is definitely not a habit I want to expose our kid to, so it'll be best to nip it in the bud sooner than later.
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  • Skipping Breakfast 8 of 17
    Skipping Breakfast
    I skip breakfast most days of the week -- probably because I'm too busy hitting the snooze button. But it's really a terrible habit that leaves me hungry, irritated, and even shaky at times. I've got to look into some easy on-the-go breakfast ideas that aren't loaded with calories, chemicals, or sodium.
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  • Not Listening Well 9 of 17
    Not Listening Well
    Lots of the women in my family suffer from this awful and rude habit, and I've joined their ranks. I don't want to miss a thing the doctors say during my pregnancy, nor do I want to miss a single sound from our baby. But how exactly do you improve your listening skills?
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  • Being a Know-It-All 10 of 17
    Being a Know-It-All
    I don't know exactly when it happened, but I know a lot of crap -- especially for someone who doesn't listen well. My brain is otherwise a sponge, and I easily absorb information. The problem, though, is that I find myself offering up tidbits of information in almost every conversation I have, and I'm afraid it makes me sounds like a know-it-all. It just so happens that I actually do know, well, a lot.
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  • Interrupting Others 11 of 17
    Interrupting Others
    It's terribly rude, but I do this a lot, whether it be a question or to add my own two cents. I really need to take a minute and let the other person finish speaking. I've gotten better at this over the years, but I think the fact that I really like to talk -- about anything -- has been at the root of this bad habit of mine.
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  • Driving Too Fast on the Highway 12 of 17
    Driving Too Fast on the Highway
    I love driving. And I love driving fast on the highway. Since I'll have to drive on the highway to visit my family after the baby is born, it's best that I learn to obey the speed limit now.
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  • Tailigating 13 of 17
    Since I speed on the highway, of course all the other cars are always in my way. This habit drives my wife nuts, and there have actually been times when she looks physically concerned by how close we are to the car ahead of us. I'm getting better, and hopefully I'll have this under wraps before our little bambino is riding with us.
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  • Speaking Loudly 14 of 17
    Speaking Loudly
    I have a loud voice. I was born this way. My best friend and I probably have the loudest voices of anyone we know, and it can be quite obnoxious at times. My mother has been trying to get me to control the volume of my voice since I was a child, so this 34-years-in-the-making habit will be the hardest to break.
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  • Being Uptight 15 of 17
    Being Uptight
    Admittedly, I don't have the greatest sense of humor. I can't tell you the last time I've laughed at Saturday Night Live. And I'm the biggest sore loser in the world! In fact, I pretty much avoid games whenever I can. Clearly, this habit needs to go before our Little One starts playing sports.
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  • Rushing Through Meals 16 of 17
    Rushing Through Meals
    We eat incredibly quickly in our home. My wife and I are often so busy that we rush through our meals and are on to the next task at hand. Not that I suspect we'll ever have long, multi-course meals with a baby in the house. But it would be nice to chew a little more slowly and take a bit more time with our meals.
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  • Leaving the Kitchen a Mess for Morning 17 of 17
    Leaving the Kitchen a Mess for Morning
    We often leave our dinner mess in the kitchen until the next morning, but this just adds yet another chore to get done before leaving for work. It'd be great to get on top of this before the baby arrives, because I'm sure the Little Munchkin will bring a whole new level of mess to our home!
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