Ballerina Shows Pregnancy in Stunningly Beautiful Photos

Although sometimes I may be negative (being almost nine months pregnant can do that!), I think there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman when she is pregnant. She has this glow about her that shows just how wonderful carrying another human being really is.

Mary Helen Bowers is not only pregnant and beautiful, she’s showing it off in the most gorgeous photos. A professional ballerina and the founder of Ballet Beautiful, a ballet-inspired fitness program, Bowers has been dancing her way throughout her pregnancy with the guidance of her doctor.

“By continuing to work out and dance while pregnant, I feel a double reward from maintaining my normal routine, but all the while knowing that baby is sharing in my day,” Bowers told

Bowers has documented her growing belly in beautiful photos on her Instagram account. Her photos show women how great it is to stay active while pregnant—and Bowers herself has seen the benefits of continuing her fitness routine.

“I feel like that’s really helped me with my balance and helped prevent back pain and a lot of other aches and pains that are really common with pregnancy,” Bowers told TODAY Moms.

Her first-hand experience at dancing while pregnant has led her to create pre- and postnatal Ballet Beautiful workout routines. The DVDs will be available early next year.

I am in awe of Bowers dedication to staying active while being pregnant. I worked out nearly every single day when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter and have slacked for my last two pregnancies. I could definitely tell the difference. Not only did I bounce back so much easier after my first, but I also felt better about myself throughout the entire pregnancy. It helped with my confidence and self-esteem and it was actually something that I looked forward to every single day.

I just wish that I would have captured just how beautiful it was in gorgeous photos, as Bowers has. With her due date just a week away, Bowers continues to share photos of her pregnancy. Take a look at some of her breathtaking ballerina photos below.

All images courtesy of Ballet Beautiful

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