Battle of the Boys: 10 Names I Love + Why We Can’t Decide

Major problem here in my household. And I mean major. After 4 kids, we are all of a sudden having a major boy naming battle. I am not sure if it’s because it’s a boy, so all of a sudden Mr. Darling wants to have some input, or if naming boys is just harder. What gives? We have never had a problem when it comes to naming our littles. For the first 3, we knew right away sometimes, I just took the next one of my list. And #4, Sadie well, all props go to my husband; he picked it out and immediately I feel in love with it. So I really can’t grasp why we are having such a hard time with baby #5, but we are, and I am ready to call it a day.

With that said it’s not so much finding the perfect name, it’s agreeing on that name. The hubs likes Smith, and well, Smith. Okay, and Chaz but apparently he has now changed his mind so we’re back down to Smith. What comes to mind immediately for me when I hear Smith? Smith Jerrod from Sex and the City. Needless to say, I am a big fan of his looks, just not so much the name with our girls’ names. Another hurdle we have is finding something that flows well with our very set in stone middle name, Henry. Henry is one name we can agree on as it plays big role in our family my hub’s father and my late grandfather. It is a must. Hopefully, we can sort out our differences, or maybe I can come up some sort of bribe to sway him my way. We gotta figure it out some way, right?

For now, these are my top ten names that I love; hopefully I can call one of them my own!

  • Greyson 1 of 9
    One name that has always been on my list.
  • Jameson 2 of 9
    It may be Irish Whiskey but, it's trendy on my list.
  • Bentley 3 of 9
    Since it became one of the hottest boys names in 2010 - I've always be crushing over it. The only problem? It's one of my best friends name for her dog.
  • Carter 4 of 9
    It's just....classic.
  • Hudson 5 of 9
    There isn't much I can say besides, I just love it.
  • Cohen 6 of 9
    Ever since I fell in love with Seth Cohen on the hit show, The OC - I've just adored the name.
  • Brooks 7 of 9
    Apparently it's defined as a boy name with serious swagger. Brooks is a top favorite of mine.
  • Grant 8 of 9
    It sounds just charming.
  • Rowan 9 of 9
    It rings sophistication

Did you have a baby naming battle? How did you win it? Which name in my top ten is on your list?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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