Beautiful on the Inside. Photoshop on the Outside.

Feeling Beautiful Pregnant? Not So Much Without Photoshop.
Feeling Beautiful Pregnant? Not So Much Without Photoshop.

Let me be honest with you. The feeling of pregnancy vs. the appearance of pregnancy gives me mixed reactions.

Internally, I love being pregnant. It’s an experience that I longed for, for so many years and feel privileged to be able to be pregnant, with good health. But the appearance? I hate it. I am not one to primp and spend hours getting ready, but I do care what I look like and pregnancy hasn’t been nice to me for that outer beauty feeling.

“When I am pregnant, I feel beautiful on the inside and out.”

Okay, that’s a flat out lie, unless Photoshop is involved. Read on.

The Inside

The inside of me is beautiful
The inside of me is beautiful when pregnant, my heart is full.

The inside of me IS beautiful.

Sweet Child of Mine:
I have a sweet child growing inside my womb. With each kick and movement, I am reminded of the beauty of the process.

A Heart Full of Gratitude and Love:
My heart is full of love for this child and the season that I am in. I can embrace the bonding of carrying a baby 9 months, growing him or her and creating something out of my husband and my DNA. It’s a miracle, a true gift from God that I am honored to receive.

I Am Woman Hear Me Roar:
My body is doing it’s woman thing – creating a child. The birthing process, though it’s one of my biggest fears is the event that makes me feel more like a woman than anything else.

The Outside

Pregnancy Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder
Pregnancy Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

The outside is where my world comes crashing in. A glance in the mirror at the right time, mixed with some pregnancy hormones can almost guarantee a cry fest. I can take blame and do something about my appearance if I’m not pregnant. But pregnant, I have to embrace it and bite my lip.

Pregnancy Glow:
The beautiful pregnancy glow, well the pregnancy glow fairy missed me. She skipped right over my house and the blemish demon showed up instead.

Baby Belly:
The baby’s housing, is not cute. My body doesn’t create the cute little bump which grows into the perfect round thing. Instead it makes me look round.

Think of stretch marks as pregnancy service stripes. ~Joyce Armor

Maternity Clothes:
My maternity clothes just don’t feel like they fit right. The shirt is too short, or too long. Dresses make my boobs and belly look massive.

Feeling Beautiful

So how do I feel beautiful? I fix the outside, how only a skilled Photoshop professional like myself can do. As superficial as it is, the magic of Photoshop – makes me recall the good parts of pregnancy with out the parts that I hate. I can crop, fix blemishes and like the outside with a little help from my software friend and best of all feel beautiful.

Below is one of maybe 3 images I have of myself holding #3 right after he was born in the hospital. I was so out of it, I just remember saying over and over “I have to remember this, don’t let me fall asleep.” The enhanced, makes the memory a wee bit softer and doesn’t make the words “I look like CRAP!” fall out of my mouth, rather “I can’t believe he was so little”.

Original vs. Enhanced
Original vs. Enhanced

Call it a self image complex, call it wacked – but like my philosophy on life  “To Each Their Own”.

Thank you Photoshop – you make my memories better and make me feel beautiful while pregnant.

What Makes You Feel Beautiful While Pregnant?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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