Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon: Three Things You Need From There Right Now

Bed Bath and Beyond coupons are apparently being offered by the superstore: those who sign up for the newsletter receive a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon for 20% off. The coupon can supposedly be used indefinitely.  Home comforts are crucial during pregnancy, and Bed Bath and Beyond is a one-stop shopping solution to all your home comfort needs. Here are my picks for the five Bed Bath and Beyond products you could use to make yourself more comfortable right now:

1. Contour® BackMax Body Wedge Cushion Set With Massage

This seems appealing for so many reasons. Not only does is MASSAGE YOU, it elevates your head so that you’re not lying flat on your back- which can sometimes be a problem during pregnancy. And that raised head could come in handy when you’ve got a cold and aren’t taking medication, or just have plain old pregnancy congestion. And did I mention it massages you?

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2. Natural Living® Ingeo™ Extra Loft Fiber Bed, 100% Supima Cotton, 400 Thread Count

Late in pregnancy, hip pain is really common. Extra padding on the bed is a must for many women. This natural fiber featherbed can be washed, which is a serious plus…you never know when your water will break.

3. Super Body Pillow

I don’t think I know any pregnant women who didn’t need extra pillows to cushion their changing bodies. This one’s extra long, so you can wrap it around yourself, but it’s also pretty straighforward looking, which means it’s more easily incorporated into your post-pregnancy bedroom decor. So you’ll probably get more long term use out of it than one of those squiggly shaped ones.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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