Being Prepared For Other Things After Delivery

I feel like it’s been awhile since I gave you an update on Grayson since birth. But, I’ve been saving a few things to blog about over at my new gig for Disney Baby. More news on that later this week. 

Yep, that is sweet baby Gray and his latest accessory. A heart monitor. As you all know Grayson was 4 weeks early. At birth, he had no medical problems besides a little bit of temperature regulation and low blood sugar that all self corrected before we left the hospital. But, within the last few weeks of his little life he has encountered a few issues I guess you could call them.

Grayson has severe acid reflux. Which honestly  I wasn’t surprised about as all of my girls have had it. However, his is pretty bad. I am talking about projectile vomit bad.  After a visit to the pediatrics offices, I put all things together. The stuffy nose, slight cough, 4 days of no pooping, spitting up and a little too fussy for it to be nothing. I knew right away, it’s reflux. So our ped sent us to a pulmonary specialist and within a few hours he was hooked up to a heart monitor.

Why the monitor? 1.) The reflux is causing him to stop breathing. Scary, I know. Basically it happens after a feeding or during a feeding. This is a common preemie issue as we know it. We went through the same thing with Sadie. We clearly need to monitor these episodes of bradycardia events as we call them. Short term definition: slow heart rate and stops breathing. 2.) Sleep apena. I noticed that these “episodes” weren’t just happening during events when he was refluxing but when he was sleeping as well. Not good. 

The plan of action is to keep him on a monitor for a minimum of six weeks to see where he stands once they look at the monitor in about a mouth. He will also do a sleep study to make sure they aren’t missing anything. He will see an amazing gastro specialist next week to get his acid reflux under control because as of now the Zantac isn’t working. It’s hard seeing such a little guy so uncomfortable and well, miserable.

Another issue we have encountered is weight gain. At birth he was 5lbs. 7oz. and right now he is just shy of 6lbs. Hopefully after we get the acid reflux under control – it will be smooth sailing. Such a strong little fighter. We all remember, he was just as strong when he was in the womb too!

That said, I would remind parents to keep saying your prayers for a healthy baby, even after birth because sometimes, things come up along the way in mommywood and after delivery.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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