Bellies and Bikinis: Two-Piece Swimwear CAN be Your Friend When Pregnant

Pregnant women are beautiful. Sure, they may not always feel so beautiful, especially as they struggle with nausea in their first trimester, the can-people-tell-I’m-pregnant-or-do-they-just-think-I’m-getting-fat stage during their second trimester, and then the inevitability of being larger than they’ve ever been in their third trimester. Feeling beautiful might not necessarily be the case for pregnant women, but how we feel and how we’re perceived are often two very different things, with pregnancy and life in general. And there is no more beautiful sight than that of a pregnant woman.

Which is why pregnant women can totally wear bikinis!

Of course, believing that pregnancy and all that goes with it is beautiful means you have to ignore Hollywood images of beauty and the industry’s constant attacks on pregnant and post-pregnant bodies. And all women should reject these unhealthy and hurtful images and remember that we’re stronger than what some trashy tabloid says about body image. After all, you’re the one who is growing another living being and will soon birth that other living being. Really, what’s stronger than that?

Though the whole bikini debate surrounding pregnant women likely doesn’t only stem from unrealistic Hollywood views. Many women will say that they’d never wear a bikini while pregnant, but these are also likely to be the same women who wouldn’t be comfortable wearing a bikini when they aren’t pregnant. And there isn’t a thing in the world wrong with that. Women should do what they are comfortable with. Some women who wear bikinis when they’re not pregnant may now find themselves completely uncomfortable by the thought of wearing one during their pregnancy. Maybe they don’t feel good about “exposing” their pregnant bellies and opt to find a one-piece swimsuit (Let’s face it though: There’s no “hiding” a third-trimester pregnant stomach, not under a one-piece bathing suit or any other article of clothing.). Whatever the case may be for you, no woman should judge another woman for her choices. Your comfort with or with not wearing a bikini is just that: your comfort level.

Just like there are different birth plans to meet your needs, just like there are different sleeping methods that best suit your family, just like there are different eating habits and foods that are best for you and your baby, there are different levels of comfort pregnant women experience regarding their own bodies and their own unique experiences. If pregnant women are comfortable wearing bikinis, who are any of us to say they shouldn’t?

My body has been consistent most of my life, give or take some typical pubescent changes, so I admittedly don’t know what it’s like to live in a body that’s constantly changing. I think for this reason, I’m even more excited to experience pregnancy, to watch and feel my body change. I’m not at all concerned about feeling fat or huge or gross (I am concerned about feeling nauseous, but that’s a whole other story). That’s not to say that I won’t feel fat or huge or gross at times; I’m just not worried about it, nor do I intend to let it consume my pregnancy experience. I’m actually stoked to carry around my big ol’ belly. Planning this pregnancy and getting pregnant is proving to be quite the challenge, filled with roadblocks and hurdles. So for me, being pregnant and becoming a mother will be a huge accomplishment, one that I certainly won’t let anyone degrade especially when it comes to my body image.

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