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Belly casts can be a memorable way to remember your pregnancy, celebrate a growing life and perhaps have just a little bit of fun at the changes your body is ungoing. If you’re looking for some inspiration for decorating your belly cast – or just want a good reason to make one – check out these painted and decorated belly casts.

  • Celebratory Birds on Red 1 of 8
    Celebratory Birds on Red
    This red belly cast is so full of life!
  • Girls playing in the park 2 of 8
    Girls playing in the park
    Whomever painted this one is a really good artist!
  • “Lullaby” – Cute baby buggy 3 of 8
    "Lullaby" - Cute baby buggy
    Love the park motif in some of these belly casts.
  • Blinged out Belly! 4 of 8
    Blinged out Belly!
    Mosaic tiles decorate this belly in a very unique fashion.
  • Off One Shoulder 5 of 8
    Off One Shoulder
    I like this one - the swirls, the light colors, and the unique shoulder treatment. Pretty!
  • Riding a pony 6 of 8
    Riding a pony
    Young child riding a pony with the name at the top.
  • Getting the family involved 7 of 8
    Getting the family involved
    Looks like the older siblings had a hand in decorating this belly cast!
  • Terra Cotta look 8 of 8
    Terra Cotta look
    The hand on the stomach is a unique look, as is the terra cotta treatment.

Resources: All images provided from Belly of Love Flickr Profile

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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