Belly Pictures: Do you Take Them or Share Them?

This is the last belly pic I took...yes, I look different now (7 weeks later)!

When I was pregnant for the first time, I took a belly picture every week from the end of my first trimester until a week or so before I delivered.  I shared these on a message board I was on and looked forward to doing so.  In my second pregnancy, I took belly pictures about once a month, and shared a couple of them on Facebook.  This time?  I’ve taken only a couple, not since 24 weeks (I’m almost 31 weeks now) and shared only one (the one shown here).

Do you take pictures of yourself while pregnant, or not?  And if you do, do you share them at all?

I love pregnancy.  I love the pregnant shape.  And not just on me, but on all women.  When I see a woman who’s obviously pregnant, I can’t help but smile. 

Frankly, I enjoy it when my friends post pregnancy pictures of themselves to show their “progress” through pregnancy!   I love to see how much they’ve changed, how they’re carrying (and speculate if it’s a “boy” belly or a “girl” belly if they don’t know the sex), if the baby’s dropped yet, and so on.  It’s so fun to me!

This time I’m especially enjoying my pregnancy body.  I was kind of overweight the first time I was pregnant (not that I still didn’t enjoy it!  I sure took lots of pictures!), and I carried differently last time.  This time I feel like it’s “perfect” for me — mostly belly!  But as I said, I’ve carried different ways, taken different shapes, been heavier, and I still loved it every time.  Pregnancy is beautiful no matter what you look like.

So why haven’t I taken pictures?

It seems that as you have more kids, you get a little busier.  lol.  It keeps slipping my mind to take pictures!  I also prefer my husband to take them this time instead of doing it myself, so I don’t get that flash-in-the-mirror thing going on.  That means he has to be home…the kids not around…and me still wearing clothes and not PJs.  That doesn’t happen too often! 

Initially I still managed to get shots every 2 – 3 weeks (even though I’d intended to do it every week), but then my camera’s battery died and we haven’t been able to find the cord to charge it!  So sad.  Luckily we just decided that it’s time for a new camera anyway — the other was 5 years old and not the greatest as it was!  Once we get a new camera guess what I’ll be doing?  New belly pictures!!

Anyway, the point is, there are a lot of reasons why women do or don’t take belly pictures.  Some are unsure of their pregnant bodies; some love them.  Some remember to take them; some totally forget!  Some love to share…others don’t feel comfortable.  And believe me, I get that.  I have no problem putting pictures of myself pregnant wearing normal clothes on the internet.  But, say, naked pictures, or even scantily-clad pictures?  I couldn’t do it.  I think those shots are beautiful and I’d consider taking some just for me (and my husband) but I wouldn’t show them off.

What do you think?  Do you take or share belly pictures while pregnant?  Why or why not?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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