Belly Shots: Twin Pregnancies in the Third Trimester

I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter Bella wondering what I might look like at the end. When we found out I was having twins, my curiosity was taken to a whole new level.

Just how big did moms carrying multiples get? What did carrying two look like by just third tri?

These women in the pictures below have graciously allowed their gorgeous photos to be shown on here, and I am in awe of what their bodies did and held. I had trouble not crying the entire time while putting this together (stupid pregnancy hormones) because each one is so proud of what they accomplished or are accomplishing, and their stories are each unique.

It was a privilege to do this. It shows in each of these photos how truly amazing and breathtaking all pregnancies are, and how incredible the female body is.

::fist pump:: Good job mamas. You are all inspirations.

Kelli at 38 weeks!

Image Source: I’m Flying South

Isn’t she adorable? I heart Kelli and her words of encouragement and wisdom to me these past few months. She has twin boys: Beckett was 7 pounds 3 ounces and Kiernan was 6 pounds. She blogs at I’m Flying South.

Brittany at 32 weeks!

Image Source: From Two to Four

Love this shot — and I’m envious of her lack of stretchies. I’m sure mine are just waiting to take over. Brittany was 32 weeks in this picture. Her twins are Landon born at 4 lbs 9 oz and Ava at 4 lbs 6 oz. She blogs at From Two to Four. Her Twitter name is @mama2twinsies.

Stephanie at 34 weeks 5 days!

Image Source: The Stuffy Nickel

Stephanie stayed super tiny — but her babies put on all the right pounds. Good job mama! In this pic she’s 34.5 weeks along. Baby A, Aubree Danielle was 5 lbs 6 oz and Baby B, Raylee Anne was 5 lbs 11 oz. Crazy thing? They were both delivered at 7:44pm! She blogs at The Stuffy Nickel and tweets as @stuffynickel.

Suz at 29 weeks!

Image Source: Suz’s Treats

Ah Suz. My BlogHer ’11 roommate. I love this girl and am honored to share our pregnancies together. She is pregnant with triplets turned boy/girl twins named Zach and Lucy and you can read more of the story on her blog Suz’s Treats. She’s also on Twitter as @suzstreats.

Rainbow at 36 weeks!

Image Source: @RainbowV_1979

Rainbow and her 4 1/2 year old son Christian look incredibly adorable. Imagine his excitement as he waited for two new siblings! Baby A (Amelia) weighed 7lbs 12 oz. and Baby B (Owen) weighed 6lbs 5 oz. Rainbow is on Twitter as @RainbowV_1979.

Kate at 35 weeks 5 days!

Image Source: Fork, Knife and Spoon

Kate is pregnant with two little boys and is close to her due date! Isn’t she super cute? I love this pic. You can find her at her blog Fork, Knife and Spoon and on Twitter as @forkknifespoon.

Jamie at 37 weeks 4 days!

Image Source: Sticky Feet Part Deux

I love this pic of Jamie, she just glows. Her twin girls, Clara and Anna were born weighing in at 6 lb. 11 oz. and 6 lb. 14 oz. respectively. You can see more of her family on her blog Sticky Feet Part Deux and Twitter as @jamieweitl.

Heather at 37 weeks!

Image Source: Heather Wilson Photography

I can tell you — Heather has the cutest baby boys imaginable. They were born at 39 weeks, on the day, Baby A was 6.7lbs and Baby B was 5.11lbs. You can find Heather’s gorgeous photos on her site Heather Wilson Photography.

Stacey at 33 weeks 2 days!

Image Source: The Jamerson Twins

Stacey’s twin girls were born 1 week after this pic! Isn’t she all cute and tiny?! Sydney Hope was 4lbs 10oz and Zoe Elizabeth was 4lbs 10.8oz. You can see her 14 to 34 weeks pictures on her blog The Jamerson Twins.

Theresa at 38 weeks!

Image Source: Confessions of a High-heel Wearing Hippie Mommy

Theresa was around 38 weeks pregnant in this picture. Her girls (Ella and Evelyn) were born a few days later and they were 7 and 8 pounds! Which is AMAZING. 15lbs of baby! She blogs over at Confessions of a High-heel Wearing Hippie Mommy.

p.s. just an fyi — all multiple pregnancy pics were welcome but we got all twins. 🙂

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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