Best Advice For A New Parent?

What’s the best newborn advice you’ve gotten?

When Rebecca Odes and I were writing our pregnancy and baby book From The Hips, we really wanted to make sure there were voices, opinions and experiences included from all kinds of parents. So we set up a website of surveys via our blog and somehow over the course of a couple of years managed to get many hundreds of responses.

The book is crammed with really smart, varied quotes from so many parents on everything from prenatal testing to pumping. But I can still remember when this one comment came in. I was a new mother at that time and found it so reassuring.  To this day, I paraphrase it for expecting parents.  I’d like to thank this “anonymom” for her words of wisdom and put them up here for you guys.

Here goes. My favorite baby advice: 

“In terms of where I developed my parenting style or what have you, I really think it has been a true melding of so many things, and certainly books were/are one component, particularly in the very beginning…but as far as my experience, as soon as I surrendered to the total insanity of it all – bringing a life into this world, that is – she really came to me and showed me exactly what to do, what she liked and didn’t, what she needed and didn’t and we just chilled. Yes, she is an “easy” kid – no colic, etc. – but every baby in the beginning is intimidating to a certain degree so you of course need guidance. Cliché as it sounds, they turn out to be the best guide you could possibly have – they cry and you slowly figure out why! They fall and you realize you shouldn’t sit them up quite yet! They look at your plate and fork while you eat and you realize they are ready for big people food! They shit, you change them! They pee, you change them! They are filthy, you bathe them! It’s truly magical!”

What was the best piece of advice about newborns you’ve been given? (Or given?)

photo: Charles Fred/Flickr

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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