Best "Mommy Blogs" Of 2010

Since “Best Of” lists are all the rage on the internet right now I thought I’d share my own list.  My favorite “Mommy Blogs” of 2010.  This is a list of inspiring women that I check in with at least once a week and usually more.   Some you know and some you don’t.  Either way, check ’em out.

They are all vastly different from each other but all are brilliant, funny as hell and completely worth your time. And I guarantee they will do more than just pass the time for you.

Without further ado and in no particular order… here we go:

Julie from A Little Pregnant. Julie is an unbelievable writer. Most of the time I just end up feeling jealous about her writing and humor. If you struggled at all to get pregnant, you’ll definitely want to check Julie out. And even if you got knocked up on a dime, Julie will rock your world. You will develop a crush on her but back off! I liked her first!

Crummy Mummy from Crummy Mummy Who Drinks. You probably haven’t heard of Crummy Mummy. But lucky you! Now you know about this British babe who is chronicling her life as a former television presenter, soap opera writer and mom. She pulls no punches, telling it like it is in a way that makes me feel better about my own mama dramas and marital battles. She just had a new baby daughter, like, weeks ago. We’re definitely in for some excellent posts about life with a newborn. Click the link. You’ll be glad you did.

Katie from Mamapundit. What can I say about Katie that you likely don’t already know? Maybe you don’t know that behind the scenes of her blogging, Katie is the most thoughtful, kind, helpful person I’ve ever met. In between losing her beautiful firstborn son, Henry, to giving birth to her fifth child (fifth!) Katie has endured the worst year of her life with unbelievable grace. She is classy, sassy and I am thoroughly addicted to reading about her life. You will be too.

Heather Armstrong from Dooce. Here’s a little something about Heather you don’t know, that I don’t think she’ll mind me telling you. I was having dinner with Heather and her husband (Heather backed me up here in Salt Lake City a bit ago when the Mormon church came down on me for some ridiculousness involving Twitter and journalism embargoes and at one point I thought I may be fired and Heather publicly had my back the entire time). So I was having dinner at her house, talking to her husband, Jon, about something. I think he was telling the story about how he met Heather but I can’t remember for sure as they kept graciously refilling my wine glass. In between tending to her daughters and joining the conversation, Heather absently stood behind Jon rubbing his head while he talked. Like, massaging his head and playing with his hair until it was standing on end. Like Don King. Neither was aware of the awesomeness that was transpiring with his hair as we were all engrossed in conversation, but there he was, opining on how he met Heather while his hair saluted the sky. It was possibly the most adorable, unconscious display of affection between a couple I’ve ever witnessed. Heather rocks. But I don’t need to tell you that.

Amy from Amalah. Amy just cracks me up. She is constantly updating her blog which keeps me regularly coming back for more. The range within her writing is exceptional. From heartfelt posts about dealing with her son’s special needs and her dad’s battle with cancer to hilarious anecdotes about life as a stay-at-home-mom-slash-full-time-writer, I love it all. And now is a great time to jump on the Amy bandwagon. She’s knocked up again. Will it be her third boy, as she seems to think? Or will Amy have a girl? We’re getting close to finding out.

Mimi from Mimismartypants. I think Mimi has been blogging since before I was born. Which is no indication of her age, just the fact that she’s been blogging for a really long time, yo. I have a giant-sized crush on Mimi and her unique outlook on life. Her observations have me routinely laughing out loud at work. Who can turn a mundane bus ride to work into a Davis Sedaris-like essay on the craziness of the human experience? Mimi can. And as a mom who is trying to raise a girl to be an ass-kicking woman that can take over the universe, I especially enjoy reading about how Mimi is raising her brilliant daughter Nora.

Leah from A Girl And A Boy. I started reading Leah’s blog when she was pregnant with her son. We were pregnant at roughly the same time and even though Leah enjoyed pregnancy and was one of those skinny pregnant women who look like they just shoved a basketball under their size small maternity shirts, I still liked her. Nobody can combine literature (say it with a British accent) with American slang as beautifully as Leah can. She’s the grammar gangster. Leah writes beautifully and thoughtfully about anything and everything and two years later, I’m still checking in on her, her cute husband and baby just about every day. And now she’s planning a wedding, so reading her take on the whole saga is especially fun.

Jenny from The Bloggess. Jenny fascinates me. she’s, um, how should I say… special? Jenny views the world in a way that, well, in a way that I can’t quite explain in a short paragraph such as this. She’s almost like a cartoon character. In fact, if The Bloggess were a cartoon, I’d totally watch. Someone, make that happen! I can’t help but check in on the shenanigans that Jenny gets up to on a daily basis. Let’s just leave it at this: anyone that photographically recreates the bathtub scene in The Shining or can turn burying their dog in the backyard into a hilarious anecdote has my heart forever.

Tiffany/Amber/Megan/Nicole from Seriously, So Blessed. So you may not be able to fully appreciate this particular blog if you aren’t Mormon but it’s such a spot on, satirical look at the millions of Mormon mommy blogs floating around the net that I had to share it with y’all. I don’t think you have to be familiar with Mormonism to guffaw at the tongue-in-cheek posts about this stay-at-home mom’s life so click the link and peruse a bit. You’ll end up laughing, I promise.

Linda from All & Sundry. There’s something about Linda that’s just very real. She’s a versatile writer and doesn’t hold much back. I only just found Linda and have started reading her archives and so far, I like! A lot. Linda recently quit her full-time job to be a stay-at-home mom and freelance writer, which is something I’m very interested in. Linda also started homeschooling her two boys, which I also find intriguing and I think you will too.

There you have it, folks. I hope I’ve introduced you to at least one or two new folks on the web, or reminded you about an old favorite you’ve stopped reading. Anybody you think I should be reading? I’m always looking for new reads so leave me a link! I’ve got a lot of time at work to kill, pretending to look busy and whatnot, so suggest away!

Happy New Year! See you on the other side.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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