Best of Delivery Room Drama

Who are you going to allow in the delivery room with you? After reading these delivery room drama horror stories, you may think twice about inviting your mother, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, best friend, and favorite niece to watch…

Here are the best of the best of the Delivery Room Drama thread on Baby Center — an amazing and horrifying collection of over 1,000 tales of family and doctor drama. Read with caution. And remember — it’s more than okay to grow a spine and tell everyone that birth is NOT a spectator sport.

  • Light, Camera, Action! 1 of 8
    "My mother tried to elbow away the midwife with her camera while I was trying to push [dear daughter] out. I think that was in the 2nd or 3rd hour; I don't remember. All I remember was the midwife saying, 'Excuse me?' and [dear husband] commenting really loud on how wrong it was."
    Story from BabyCenter user Kina_21
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  • Inappropriate Visitor 2 of 8
    "With [dear daughter #2], I was sitting in my darkened room after my family and [dear husband] left. For me, when nursing a brand new baby, I will sit with both boobies hanging out. More comfortable that way and I find it easier. It was about 30 minutes after 8:00pm, which by the way is 30 minutes after visiting hours, and who comes bouncing in? My husband's male co-worker!!! I already find him creepy and now he's come into my room, seeing both my boobies and doesn't even have the courtesy to say 'I'll come back later.' He wanted to see the baby. I was so flustered, I didn't know what to do. I, of course, wasn't going to unlatch baby and had covered myself as best as I could by this point. Either way... he got to see my big, saggy boobies with their dish-sized nipples. He gave me a present for the baby and there was some really cute stuff in it and that was nice. Then he said good bye and left. I think he was there 10 minutes... longest 10 minutes ever!"
    Story from BabyCenter user katie1983_2003
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  • I’ll Just Hide Over Here… 3 of 8
    "Everyone was aware [dear husband] and I were the only ones allowed in room during delivery. [My mother-in-law] was hanging out in the room with us during the day, no big deal. The doctor came in and said it was time to push. [My mother-in-law] heads for the door as nurses were coming in and lots was going on. A nurse came up to me and asked who was going to be in the room. I responded [my husband] only. She then informed me there was a woman that snuck into the bathroom and was still in there. My [mother-in-law] actually thought she was going to hide in there. Thank goodness for the nurse 'cause neither [my husband] or I noticed. And yes - she was asked to leave after that. Wasn't invited back for 2 weeks."
    Story from BabyCenter user JamieRae920
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  • No boundaries! 4 of 8
    "My sister-in-law threw a huge fit cause I didn't allow her in the delivery room while I pushed [little one] out. She went off on an entitlement rant saying it was her nephew and that my mom didn't need to be there because she supposedly treated me like crap. It got to the point that nurses at the station had to tell her to calm down or that security would be called."
    Story from BabyCenter user xperegrine
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  • Pull up a chair…. 5 of 8
    "I had a pretty long labor for my [dear son], and he was my first. Plenty of time for EVERYONE to get on down to the hospital and hang out in my room while we waited, which I did not mind. I had a large room, so everyone included my little brother, my mom, my dad, my (now ex) [significant other's] mom, his stepdad, my best friend, and my brothers girlfriend... I had said that I wanted my mom and the ex-[significant other] in the room when [my son] was born. Everyone had chairs lined up against the far wall by the door, and well, when it came time to actually push, the nuses pulled back the privacy curtain that blocked off the bed... so I could not be seen, but NO ONE LEFT! They all just sat there on the other side of curtain chit-chatting! I finally had to ask my mom and a nurse to get them ALL to leave! Even my brother and his girlfriend! Mortifying!"
    Story from BabyCenter user Bless84s
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  • Booze, anyone? 6 of 8
    "My contractions were getting hot and heavy and my daughter was sunny side up, so I was trying so hard to keep my cool, breathe, and focus on my contractions. That's when my in-laws showed up, chewing their gum EXTREMELY loudly (that sh*t bugs me anyways, but when I was dealing with contractions, I wanted to scream) and my [mother-in-law] busted out a bottle of champagne. It's funny now, but at the time I was like, "Uhhhh?" So after a few moans and groans of extreme pain, they finally decide maybe it's time to leave. My [mother-in-law] leans over to hug me while I am clutching the side of the bed in agony and the f-ing champagne bottle in her purse slides over and hit my IV. I wanted to strangle her... but I kept it to a glare."
    Story from BabyCenter user 11Bwife
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  • Don’t bring them home…. 7 of 8
    "We went home exactly 48 hours after my [c-section] surgery, so I was still in a lot of pain and having trouble with physical tasks. The first night we were home my mom and [stepdad] went to a f*cking casino until about 2:00 AM, came home, and slept in until about 11:00 AM the next morning. When she finally made an appearance, she said the following: "Do you want me to hold [dear son] while you..." and she made a motion meaning that I should straighten up the room a bit... I finally screamed at them the last day they were there. I just lost it. They told me I was being an entitled b*tch, and if I had needed help [after my surgery], I should have asked for it. She said "How was I supposed to know that you needed help?"
    Story from BabyCenter user lauren813
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  • Even doctors can be rude! 8 of 8
    "This is our first baby. Decided to labor in the tub at the hospital. I'm in the middle of a contraction when a male obstetrician that I have NEVER seen before BURSTS into the room exclaiming, "Can I watch?!! I've never seen a tub birth before. I want to watch!!!" I'm naked in the tub in the middle of a contration and the "NOOOOO!!!!!" that came forth sounded rather animalistic. The doc still didn't get the message. My husband held up a towel to shield me, the midwife tried to push him out the door, but he only left after I growled, "Get out NOW!!!" Birth is NOT a spectator sport."
    Story from BabyCenter user CarusGator
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