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The day after we found out about the baby, we ran out and bought a baby book. Since that time I have opened it exactly once, got overwhelmed and hid it under a pile of stuff in my room. It was just too much all at once. I could only prepare for the things that would be happening that week, not for everything to come in the next 9 months and subsequent 18 years.

Which is why I turned to the internet. I am so grateful to be pregnant now because of all the amazing resources that the internet has to offer. There are thousands of sites with information about pregnancy. Some are funny, some are serious, some are fact filled, others are more collections of personal experiences. Basically, whatever you’re looking for, it’s right here on the internet. And chances are, I’ve found and read it, because I have a bit of an obsession.

You’ve already found your way to Being Pregnant, which would obviously be my #1 suggestion, and while you’re here you should check out the week-by-week pregnancy guide and subscribe to the weekly emails. But in the interest of giving you lots of options, these are the other 8 best online pregnancy information sources I’ve encountered so far.

  • Alpha Mom Zero to Forty 1 of 8
    Alpha Mom Zero to Forty
    I have to tell you, this one is my absolute favorite because it's a nice mix of information, humor and personal experiences. And the comments are usually pretty useful too, which I think we can all agree is not always the case. It's basically a week by week pregnancy calendar/information guide, written by Amy Storch of Amalah, during her second pregnancy. If you're looking for something written from the perspective of a pregnant mother and with a little more levity than some of the others, this is a great place to look.
    Go visit Alpha Mom's Zero to Forty!
  • BabyCenter 2 of 8
    This was one of the first sites that was recommended to me when I got pregnant. They will send you weekly emails with information in addition to having community message boards, question and answer sections and daily/weekly articles about different pregnancy issues. It's one of the most comprehensive pregnancy sites around.
    Go visit BabyCenter
  • Mayo Clinic 3 of 8
    Mayo Clinic
    This is the resource for your facts and figures. It's pretty dry, but it's well researched and all scientific sounding. If you want official answers, this is a great place to look, and they even do a week by week pregnancy calendar.
    Go visit Mayo Clinic
  • The Bump 4 of 8
    The Bump
    The Bump is similar to what you'll find at BabyCenter. It has week by week updates, questions and answers and community message boards. I find it to be a little more informal with information than BabyCenter, which is neither good nor bad, just my general observation.
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  • What to Expect 5 of 8
    What to Expect
    My first experience with the What to Expect brand was with an older edition of the book, and it was filled with a few too many scary scenarios for me. Happily, the newer version of the book and their website is anything but frightening. They have just about every kind of article and answer you could look for, and while the information is as reliable as some of the drier science-y sites, it's a little easier to digest.
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  • 6 of 8
    Parents Magazine has long been a trusted source of parenting information and its online pregnancy edition is every bit as good. It has a weekly tracker, questions and answers and message boards so you can chat with others at the same stage of pregnancy.
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  • American Pregnancy Association 7 of 8
    American Pregnancy Association
    If you're looking for a very fact based pregnancy website, look no further. This site contains information on all things pregnancy and wellness. You can find out exactly what's going on with you and the baby and how to keep both of you healthy. And they have a great week-by-week newsletter you can sign up for too.
    Go visit the American Pregnancy Association
  • Pregnancy & Baby 8 of 8
    Pregnancy & Baby
    This is the newest find for me and it's nice because it covers all things from trying to conceive to raising your baby. It has a week by week calendar across the top, which is especially fun since at 32 weeks, I'm alarmingly close to the end. I guess by fun I mean terrifying.
    Go visit Pregnancy & Baby

What online resources do you like for pregnancy information?

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