Bethenny Frankel: Skinny Girl or Skinny Bitch?

There seem to be only two modes of discussion on the topic of postpartum weightloss: it’s either the Michelle-Obama-task-force-on-obesity-PSA approach or the You-Anorexic-Bitch approach.

Here is an excellent example of the You-Anorexic-Bitch approach: According our friends over at PAGE SIX, some women aren’t thrilled by Bethenny Frankel’s seemingly miracle baby weight loss. She shouldn’t gloat. She shouldn’t exercise so soon. She shouldn’t be this thin!! Well, yeah. It’s pretty unusual for a woman to lose almost 30 pounds in 3 weeks. But it happens. And it’s not necessarily unhealthy.

She did start out small, and she’s gone back to small. She exercised during pregnancy– which is fine and even recommended– and she’s been walking 30 minutes a day postpartum which sounds reasonable.

But don’t listen to me defend the poor housewife: I have been on Team Bethenny since day one and can hardly sit still I’m so excited about tonight’s RHONY finale. Maybe she is, in fact,  just an anorexic bitch.

But the fact is, postpartum weight loss is complicated. Most of us are neither obese nor anorexic. We’re just stuck with the pregnancy we get. The genes we have. And whatever time (and energy) we can cobble together postpartum. So I guess I’m ending on another generic pregnancy note: different postpartum weight loss realities, for different folks.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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