Babble Blogger Monica Bielanko and Family Survive Devastating House Fire

It’s a heavy day at

Yesterday, one of our favorite writers, Monica Bielanko, her husband Serg, their daughter Violet, and their son Henry (as well as their pets Max and Milo) survived a house fire.   Horrifyingly, the fire started in or near two-year old Violet’s bedroom and destroyed Violet’s room, the office, and the attic, which held all the family mementos, photographs, and journals.

Monica was alerted to the fire by a good Samaritan who noticed the smoke and pounded on their front door.  After Monica snatched Violet from her bedroom – which was already engulfed in flames – the family waited helplessly on the sidewalk as firefighters worked to save what they could. 

Monica wrote on her blog:  “One second you’re arguing over bullshit and the next second you don’t have a home.”

On a happier note, the blog community is pulling together to help Monica and her family through this terrifying experience.  Katie Allison Granju, a friend of Monica’s who blogs at Mama Pundit, has organized a fundraiser.  She wrote:

Starting today, many of us in the blogging community are launching an emergency fundraising appeal [Bielanko Family Fire Emergency Fundraiser] for the Bielanko family. They need funds to find and rent a new place, and to replace everything they already know they lost.

Later, after we know more clearly what stuff might be helpful and after they have a place to put it donations of things like furniture, toys, or clothing might be useful. But for now, like every working family faced with a situation like this, these folks are going to need actual money to rebuild their lives.

I literally had to BEG Serge and Monica to let people help them; they would NEVER have asked for any help themselves. But they finally agreed after I told them I would do it anyway. ;-) But these are people who WILL pay it forward when the time comes, and I also know that if they end up with funds that are in excess of what they actually need to rebuild their life, they plan to donate it to their local Red Cross to help other families who suffer fire losses.

If you have enjoyed reading Monica’s Babble posts and blog, or simply want to help a family in need, please consider heading over to the Bielanko Family Fire Emergency Fundraiser to learn how you can help.

Stay safe!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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