Bikinis While Pregnant: Yay or Nay?

Babble’s feature on celebrity maternity swimsuits showed a wide range of looks, from itsy bitsy to fully covered up. This got me thinking about the age-old question of what to wear on the beach when you’re pregnant.

Whether or not a bikini is a good move for the significantly baby-endowed woman has been a matter of some debate. The celebrities in the Famecrawler piece seem to fall on either side of the issue, and even the author appears to have her own opinion—she describes Minnie Driver’s two piece look as “letting it all hang out”.

Are you pro-pregnancy bikini? Would you wear one yourself?

I’m personally a big proponent of comfort at the beach and for me, one pieces just aren’t comfortable. I hate that feeling of tight, hot lycra stretching across my middle. Can’t stand it. The only time I’ve worn a one piece in my adult life was when I had to borrow one. This doesn’t mean I’ve got a lady six pack, mind you. It just means I hate the one piece more than I hate the idea of people seeing that I don’t.

If I’m feeling modest (or flabby) I’ll usually put on a tank top. I’ve tried the tankini too, but I haven’t found one I love yet.

To me, pregnancy is the optimal time for bikini wearing. Your belly is supposed to be sticking out. So there’s no pressure to suck it in, or even to look perfect. Yes, there are those celebrity basketballs to compare yourself to. But I think people understand that most pregnant bellies aren’t quite that perfect looking (at least not after month 6).

One of the other benefits of the bikini during pregnancy: you could wear a non-maternity version. Depending on how your body’s expanding, you could fit into your usual swimsuit size, or buy a larger one in a non-maternity store. This might be cheaper than maternity swimwear, which can be ridiculously expensive and can’t be worn later on.

But even with my personal aversion to maillots, I completely get why someone might not want to put their belly out there for all to see.  Pregnancy makes some people want to show their bodies off, while others get more modest than usual. And bikinis have their pros and cons whether you’re pregnant or not.

What’s your pregnancy swimsuit strategy?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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