A Humorous and Informative Alternative to Birthing Class

This weekend, my husband and I learned all about childbirth and we didn’t even have to be around a group of strangers practicing awkward breathing and positioning, much less leave the comfort of our home.

One of our friends let us borrow this DVD Laugh and Learn About Childbirth and watching it was pretty much the best idea ever.  My husband Craig wasn’t into the idea of spending 6-8 weeks trekking all over town to some class with awkward strangers and I can’t say I was too thrilled about it myself, so this was the perfect alternative.

The best part about this DVD series is that not only is it informative, but it’s totally hilarious as well.  R.N. Sheri Bayles who teaches the classes is almost like a character in an SNL sketch with a dynamic personality that has a life of its own.  It definitely made learning about “pelvic station” and “cervical thinning” a lot more bearable.

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Sheri also offers other Laugh and Learn videos that I would love to check out, including Laugh and Learn about Breast Feeding and Laugh and Learn About Newborn Baby Care.  You can also purchase the DVDs in a watch online version and save a bit of money in addition to not having to wait for the DVDs to arrive in the mail.

I highly recommend this DVD.


How did you prepare for childbirth?

What books did you read?

Did you take the classes?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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