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    1: My home birth gone awry

    My home birth gone awry “I figured having my third baby at home would be just like having it a birthing center, except I could be in the comfort of my house without additional distractions or intervention.

    There’s a saying, “We make plans, God laughs.” Well, I think in my case, she was actually rolling on the floor and wetting her pants.”

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    2: My 55-hour labor

    My 55-hour labor “I know a lot about movies and their comforting, predictable structure. There’s always a three-act structure and a climax followed by resolution. I thought I could impose that same kind of narrative structure on my childbirth. Turns out childbirth is life at its messiest, at its least predictable and most resistant to planning.”

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    3: I'm not sorry I had a C-section

    I'm not sorry I had a C-section "When well-meaning moms asked about my birth plan, I told them I was having a scheduled C-section. Their faces conveyed self-righteous disapproval.

    I've occasionally felt a twinge of loss that I'll never give birth more naturally. But that loss is nowhere near what I would have felt had all those highly-interventionist, medical-establishment doctors not been exactly where I needed them."

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    4: My never-ending labor

    My never-ending labor “I was thinking I’d been an idiot to try birthing naturally at home, and I was convinced I never wanted to have another baby. If I’d been in a hospital, I would have begged for an epidural. I considered asking to transfer to a hospital, but the thought of having contractions in the car en route felt inconceivable.”

    Read why this doula’s own natural birth made her second-guess herself

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    5: Would I be a good mother?

    Would I be a good mother? “Labor — I’d been so worried about how I’d handle it. Mason would roll around in my belly and I would tell him when my fear threatened to get the best of me. I’d promise him I wouldn’t let it bring tears, or contractions. Sometimes, I’d say it out loud. Amid the obvious concerns of whether my husband would make it home to meet his son, and whether my son would make it to 37 weeks, other upsets seemed minor.”

    Read how this mom’s birth experience taught her to stop sweating the small stuff

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    6: Delivering twins — naturally

    Delivering twins - naturally “I set my sights on a natural birth. But when I learned that I was having twins, I knew my risk for having a Cesarean section increased to greater than 50 percent. So I assembled my dream team for birth: an OB who had given birth naturally to twins, an experienced doula and, of course, my husband. Throughout the night and especially during transition, I heard myself say, 'I can’t do this!' Sometimes I couldn’t help but say it, but as soon as I did, I followed with, 'Yes, I can. I can! I can do this!'”

    Read how this mom wouldn’t give up on a natural birth for her twins

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    7: My illegal home birth

    My illegal home birth “Alice had been a midwife for twenty years. She told us a third of her $1,500 fee was required up front, the rest to be paid at each month's visit.

    Wayne caved in first and asked what had been on our minds since we scheduled the interview.

    'What about the police?' he said. 'Could we be arrested?' In Missouri, midwife-assisted homebirth is illegal — a felony.

    'You can't be arrested,' Alice said. 'But I could.'

    I laid a check on her coffee table.”

    Read why this mom risked having an illegal home birth for her second child

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    8: Will my husband see me poop?

    Will my husband see me poop? “In my first pregnancy, I knew I was not alone in my fear of pooping in the delivery room.

    My concern was not for the doctors and nurses; it was for my husband. I don’t burp in front of him, and I don’t pass gas either. I became anxious that whatever went down in that delivery room would burn an image on my husband’s retina that would make it impossible for him to ever see me as a sexual being again.

    But would he?”

    Read whether this mom let her husband into the delivery room

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    9: Not the birth I planned, but I loved it!

    Not the birth I planned, but I loved it! “I planned a natural … but I had to get pitocin.”

    “I planned a home birth … but I had a C-section.”

    “I planned a hospital birth … but I delivered at home.”

    “I planned a natural birth … but asked for an epidural.”

    “I planned an epidural … but went au naturale.”

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    10: Did I Really Need a C-section?

    Did I Really Need a C-section? "The first moments of my son’s life remain at a frustrating remove. I remember the bright lights; the odd, painless tugging at my abdomen; the conversation between doctors and nurses. But I wasn’t really there.

    I had a C-section. I know women who’ve given birth surgically whose feelings fall somewhere on the spectrum between neutral and ecstatic. I am not one of those women.”

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