Bleeding in Pregnancy, What I Didn't Know…

11 weeks pregnant and blissfully unaware that I'd be in the Emergency Room in a few hours.

There are few occurrences in pregnancy that are more alarming than the sight of fresh blood in the first trimester.  11 weeks into my second pregnancy, I had already had one successful pregnancy ending in a live birth and no reason to think this one would be any different.

We had seen the sweet little fetus in an ultrasound, heard a strong 161 bpm heartbeat, and announced the pregnancy to everyone in our world (including my online friends and followers).

We hoped, prayed, and pretty much expected to meet our new family member the following September–until one scary Friday night when some heavy bleeding landed me in the hospital.

That very normal Friday night, my husband was getting our 3 year old ready for bed while I was laying on a chaise lounge in our living room watching television.  I was about to get up to tell the little guy goodnight when it felt like I was peeing on myself.  I just felt lots of hot liquid oozing out of me, so I reached down to investigate.  When I looked at my hand, my fingers were covered in blood.  Then when I stood up from our white leather chaise, it was also bloody underneath where I had been sitting.

My heart fell and I called for my husband in a voice that was calm but let him know that something was really wrong.

“Scott, I’m bleeding.  A lot.”

I walked to the bathroom where the bleeding continued while he looked through the paperwork from my doctor’s office about what we should do.

“It says that 50% of women who bleed in the first trimester go on to have normal pregnancies and 50% miscarry.”

Not the best odds, I’m thinking.  But, there’s no cramping so I’m the tiniest bit optimistic.

The three of us drive to the Emergency Room where I gave blood samples, urine samples, and endured the longest (and quietest) sonogram ever.  I was too afraid to look at that screen until about 20 minutes in where the ultrasound tech told me that the baby had a heartbeat and was really active.  Giant sigh.

About an hour later, we were informed that I had a small subchorionic hematoma.  Basically, there was some blood trapped in between the tissues of the sac and placenta (happens to about 20% of pregnant women).  The hematoma normally gets reabsorbed and I should “take it easy” until that happens.  I continued to bleed for a few more days and after 2 more ultrasounds at 17 weeks, it was completely reabsorbed, things have progressed normally ever since.  I am now 33 weeks pregnant.

The thing is, I had never heard of this happening and it wasn’t until I posted about it on my facebook profile that I found out that many of my friends had experienced subchorionic bleeding as well (all of them went on to have healthy kiddos).

Have you experienced subchorionic bleeding in pregnancy?  Did you have a condition that you had no clue about until it happened to you?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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