Boosting Metabolism To Increase Fertility

Boosting Metabolism To Increase FertilityAs you all know, I’ve been trying to conceive for a while and as I passed the one year mark, I was ready to try anything.

As I took my 6th cycle of Clomid to boost my chances (since I wasn’t ovulating regularly), I also decided it was time to do something about my failing metabolism.

I wasn’t officially diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), but I did have a few markers that would suggest it. Although my blood work all came back normal, I did have cysts covering both ovaries and admittedly, I had not been feeling healthy for some time. I don’t really know if my diet is going to have a positive effect on my fertility, but really it can’t hurt.

When I started the 6th cycle of fertility medication, I also got into a new routine. My low metabolism seemed to be caused by lack of eating. I am a busy mom to three kids and for a long time, I’ve not been taking care of myself as I should be. I would eat once or twice a day, but the meals would be cold so I could quickly move on to the next thing. There was no doubt that was not the best thing at all for my health, so I set out to change that.

In general, I’m not an unhealthy eater and I am on a strict gluten-free diet due to celiac disease, but I had slipped back into eating dairy — which really is a no-no for me (I have a casein intolerance). I cut that out of my diet as well and started to work on making sure that I was getting enough calories.

I set out to eat 1200 calories a day, which I think is still low for me, but it’s far better than what I was eating. It was harder than it should have been, but I found that when I put a lot of calories into my breakfast (which I wasn’t eating before), it really helped. I started having eggs, bacon and avocado with tomatoes and that seemed to set the day right. I added green tea smoothies to the diet for lunch, which were packed with lots of green vegetables and other metabolism-boosting foods like cinnamon.

After I got the diet sorted out, I started making time for me — at least one hour each day to exercise. I needed to get my heart rate back up and surprisingly, it wasn’t that easy for me.  A heart monitor watch helped me know how much harder I needed to work to increase my heart rate, which boosted my metabolism.

Did it work? We will have to wait to find out, but I do know that it has increased my energy and I feel much better already.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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