Bottoms Up! It's Magnesium Ionic Fizz Time!

Magnesium Ionic Fizz, doesn’t that just sound fancy and delicious?

A few third trimester pregnancy symptoms that I’ve always chronically suffered from (even in past pregnancies) have include late night anxiety, restless leg syndrome, and moderate insomnia. Most nights, even if I’m beat tired, I just cannot turn my brain off.

While my OB was obnoxiously quick to offer me a prescription sleep aid at my last appointment, I decide, under her blessing, to first try a different course of action.

While doing some online research for natural ways to deal with sleeplessness during pregnancy, I kept stumbling upon taking a magnesium supplement, which oftentimes comes in powder form.

So with the go ahead from my doctor, I’m mixing myself up a momma mocktail nightcap called magnesium ionic fizz, about an hour before bedtime. From what I’ve learned, magnesium is sometimes known as “natures tranquilizer”, and is great cure for a myriad of symptoms such as muscle tension,  stress and sleeplessness.

Also at the suggestion of my doctor, I’m coupling it with a low dose of B Complex vitamin, which I’m taking earlier in the day to help combat my anemia and  high anxiety level.

The verdict? I’m about a week into my fancy drink supplement, and knock on wood, the past 7 nights I’ve fallen to sleep relatively quickly. And while I’ve admitted to drinking caffeine in the past, I’ve ultimately decided to do my best and give it up completely, in the name of a good nights rest.

My next hurdle is getting my husband to stop snoring, and my dog to stop trying to snuggling under the covers.

How about you? Are you finding it tough to get to sleep while pregnant?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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