Breaking All the Pregnancy Rules (Or at Least 10 of Them)

Breaking All The Pregnancy Rules (Or At Least 10 of Them)When I was a first-time mama-to-be I was pretty religious about following all the pregnancy rules. I read far more than any one pregnant person should and I could pretty much rattle off all the possible worst case scenarios for you and the laundry list of “do’s and don’ts.” I was like a walking, talking version of What To Expect When You’re Expecting.
They say there’s quite a big difference between a first pregnancy and a second pregnancy and it is ridiculously true. I’m far more laid back this time around and I definitely haven’t been nearly as “by the book” as I was with my daughter. I guess that’s what happens when it’s not your first rodeo.
I’ve actually broken quite a few “pregnancy rules” this time around. Here are a few …

10 Pregnancy Rules I’ve Broken So Far

1. Do all the blood tests

I didn’t take any until 28 weeks and only then because I have a history of pregnancy anemia and my midwife wanted to know my levels to be sure. I did end up having anemia, so it was good to know so I could start working on getting my numbers up.

2. Take the glucose test

I didn’t take my glucose test. It made me feel horribly sick during my last pregnancy, so instead I opted to buy a cheap glucometer at the drug store and take my blood sugar levels for a week along with journaling my meals. I actually thought this was much more helpful. My blood sugar levels ended up being slightly on the high side of normal, but nothing worth stressing over, and it helped to see what foods triggered my higher numbers which helps me make better diet choices now.

3. Don’t eat lunch meat, soft serve, runny eggs, soft cheese, or basically anything delicious

I totally ate all those things and more. Add Caesar salads, medium-cooked steaks, and gobs of pineapple to the list as well.

4. Don’t drink coffee

During my first pregnancy I wouldn’t have any coffee. This pregnancy I drank decaf every day and also drank regular coffee and tea on occasion. A mama with a toddler’s gotta do what she’s gotta do!

5. Don’t touch receipts! 

I read once, when I was pregnant with my daughter, that receipts have BPA on them and that you should try to avoid touching them while pregnant. After that I went a little nuts in my avoidance of receipts and was constantly asking everyone to please not give me a receipt everywhere I went. My husband thought I was crazy. This pregnancy, while I may not be rubbing receipts all over my body or anything, I’ve definitely touched them and it’s not something I spend time worrying about.

6. Don’t use beauty products with chemicals — stick to all-natural stuff

Phthalates and formaldehyde and all that jazz … they’re in EVERYTHING. With my first pregnancy I read every (and I mean every) single label for everything that touched my skin and hair. I didn’t paint my nails or use nail polish remover. I didn’t use the non-pregnancy safe lotion. Everything was paraben-free. This time, I chilled out a bit. I definitely still exercised caution with certain beauty products, but for the most part I didn’t freak out … and I used my regular shampoo.

7. Only sleep on your right side

I slept mostly on my right side … but I also slept on my left side … and my back … and my stomach until around 18 weeks. Basically I just slept in whatever position would help me sleep the easiest.

8. Don’t go in hot tubs

You’re not supposed to go in hot tubs when you’re pregnant since raising your core body temperature too much isn’t considered safe. I totally did it though. Most hot tubs are kept around 104 degrees, but we keep ours set at 99 since my daughter likes to go in for short periods of time with my husband, and I would only stay in for 10 minutes. Sometimes a little hot tub dip has been just what I needed to relax.

9. Don’t go on a cruise after week 24 of pregnancy

Ooops. That definitely happened. We planned a week-long Caribbean cruise to fall during weeks 25-26 of my pregnancy. I didn’t actually know this rule until the week before our trip, so I double-checked with my midwife and was told I was the picture of health and not to worry about it. I was a little freaked out I’d get confronted about it, but no one said anything. I’m sure cruise lines just state that for liability reasons. Next time I’d probably schedule it a little earlier in my pregnancy, but it was totally fine!

10. Eat a bajillion vegetables

I was much better about eating veggies with my daughter. I’ve always been a bit of a vegetable hater and in pregnancy they gross me out even more. I choked them down with pregnancy number one and tried to squeeze them in whenever I could. This time around, I basically only eat them with dinner and the occasional smoothie trickery. Oh … unless lettuce, pickles, and onion on a burger counts?
Which “pregnancy rules” have you broken?
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