Breaking News! Pregnancy Brain Now a Scientific Fact!

Forgetting things like pin numbers? Nothing to be ashamed of!

I know, I know.   This belongs in the “No Kidding!” file.

But I love that they actually did a study that empirically demonstrates what we’ve all known…pregnancy can sometimes force us to contend with bouts of  The Stupids.

We’ve all been there…wondering WHY it is we opened the cupboard.  Or just WHERE is my cell phone?  HOW is it that something that is normally easy, such as calculating a tip, can be suddenly befuddling?  Is it really possible that I just poured milk into the dishwasher’s detergent reservoir?

Seriously though — the worst pregnancy brain story I have is when I had planned to pick up some milk. Then stopped and picked some up when I was in town, but didn’t cross it off my list. So the next day I saw the note I’d written to myself and text messaged my husband to have him bring home milk and then lo and behold, there was a brand new gallon already in the fridge! Whoops! Sorry, Honey!

To make matters worse, we’ve all see the sideways glances between people who’ve never experienced Pregnancy Brain, silently saying to each other, “She’s going to blame this on being pregnant?  Again?” I usually just make sure to write extra notes in my day planner, or even email myself reminders of things that need to be done because I don’t believe in making excuses like “pregnancy brain” if I can help it.

I’m thinking of printing out copies of this study to hand out when a moment of Pregnancy Brain strikes, with pertinent areas highlighted…like this little gem:

“Women in the pregnancy group had significantly lower scores than the controls during both the pre- and postpartum visits on tasks of verbal recall and processing speed.”

(Makes it tough for a professional writer sometimes! If you ever see me on Skype saying, “What is that word again?” you’ll know why.)

And definitely this one:

“These findings provide new evidence that fluctuating hormone levels during late pregnancy and early postpartum may modulate selected cognitive abilities.”

So take heart!  Pregnancy Brain is a real thing, you aren’t imagining it…and remember, most importantly, that it’s temporary! And thankfully most of us had brains to spare in the first place so we’re still rocking it out, right?

Are you surprised to find out about the pregnancy brain study? What’s your funniest pregnancy brain story? Most importantly — how do you cope with short-term memory loss or fuzzy thinking during pregnancy?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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