Breast Milk Baby Doll | Controversy & Hogwash: Video & Poll

What’s all the ruckus about?

What’s all the hub-bub and controversy over the new Breast Milk Baby Doll anyways? Sure, you don’t have to buy into it – maybe even find it a little over-the-top. But the mudslinging controversy riled up by said doll is not as light as all that.

I suppose I understand it – after all, if ‘adults’ have hang-ups and issues with grown women breast-feeding, this that person’s type of hay day for outcry.

The Breast Milk Baby simulates the breast-feeding process by including a fashionable halter-top that a young girl can put on like a vest and when she brings the Breast Milk Baby doll’s mouth up to the pretty flower decoration on the vest the doll makes a soft, suckling sound. The two flowers on the halter are positioned where the nipples would be and when the mouth of the doll is brought close to the embedded sensors in the flower, the baby makes motions and suckling sounds. Well round up the troops people! This is pure blasphemy!

I find it rather peculiar, that we have no issue with dolls that poop and pee, or eat from a bottle; but with something so natural as breastfeeding, suddenly the zealots are out to bleep, ‘sexualization! This is forcing our girls to grow up too quickly!’ To such extremes as calling the creators pedophiles and peverts.

Nothing is exposed on young girls when playing with this doll, for crying out loud. How about we worry more about shorts and jogging pants with ‘bootylicious’ strewn across the cheek rendering backside on our 5 year olds leisure wear, or baby string bikini’s that we find just oh-so-adorable.

Pardon my confusion, but is there something wrong with little girls thinking that breastfeeding is a normal way to feed a baby? Just as normal as from a bottle? That breasts are not just sexual objects?  Just as ‘normal’ as the afore mentioned peeing and pooping? To me, far more acceptable than Barbie’s image/body-type, or Bratz dolls brazenly hoochie atire and gharish make-up.

The list of toys and video games I could spew off as discerningly far more disruptive, mature and inappropriate for children, which elicit far less outcry; is absurd.

Sexualization & Endangering Innocence

Can we PUHlease put the notion to rest already, that breastfeeding has anything to do with sex? Go talk to a therapist, something, but just stop. Connecting. The 2. Already. Oy. Vey. There are far more difficult concepts to grasp. Honest.

The Real Issues

It’s the $89 dollar price-tag I can do without, lets kvetch about that. You want to talk about a product that encourages young girls to get pregnant? *Giant eye roll* Really? This doll is not it. It’s the images and messages that are everywhere in media – from billboards to the t.v. programs they watch, magazines, books and popular music. All of these continuous influences; on a multitude of levels, day to day, are how this is happening. Lets be real!

If we as a society are actually taking up issue with teaching our young girls the completely natural and positive aspects of life and motherhood and ignoring/permissing/buying into the blatant sexy-girl syndrome – then we’re in real trouble. But then, most of us know that already. Right? *Gulp*

Coverage From ABC News

I’ll admit, their self-promotion (via video and seriously lacking highlights of their product in the press), could be a little stronger. Believing a doll can change a nation’s fear of breasts and their nurturing properties is naive, perhaps, but not so much as loosing one’s shit over it.

What do you think of this rabble-rousing dollie for all of her mighty suckling and flowery nipple decals? Creepy? Cute? In between?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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