Breastfeeding Bonanza: 8 Must-Have Nursing Essentials

This one is all about the boobs. Yep, ladies. The two gals that sit close to your heart.

I am going to be honest. As Mom of 4, I’ve never been successful when it comes to breastfeeding. Each time, we had a different problem at some point. However, there were a few things that got me through the weeks when it was possible for me. And I am giving you the chance to win a few to get your stock going! Not to mention — I really wish I would have had these amazing tips to be more successful but, maybe I will get lucky #5! With these items, it really should be a breeze but sometimes, my bosom buddies just don’t want to cooperate. However, with a few make-my-life-easier items to help with nursing and a good support group, I hope to be ready to go!

It’s time to reveal the ultimate breastfeeding products for nursing moms! After the jump, check out the products and why you must¬†stock up now! {Win a¬†handful of them too! }

  • Simplisse Double Electric Breast Pump 1 of 8
    Simplisse Double Electric Breast Pump
    When I was in the NICU with my 34 weeker, the only thing I could do was pump because her heart rate would drop under any stress and she wasn't a fan of the boob. This is when a good electric pump comes in handy. Simplisse offers a gentle compression technology minimizing tugging and pinching on their Double Electric Pump. Unlike other breast pumps on the market, Simplisse breast cups are soft and gently puff in and out. You won't have to worry about being suctioned uncomfortably when it's time to stop. The fit makes things much easier on you and your breast. I love that in comes with lots of goodies too! A cooler, 2 gel packs, wet storage bag, and 4 collection bottles all in a microfiber tote bag. Perfect for when you need to pump on the go. See below, I am giving ONE to a lucky reader.
    Buy the Simplissee Double Electric Pump
  • Boppy Pillow 2 of 8
    Boppy Pillow
    It's a classic must-have - especially, nursing moms. It becomes an extra hand and offers the best support.
    Get yourself a Boppy
  • The Essential Nursing Tank 3 of 8
    The Essential Nursing Tank
    Thanks to Bravado Designs for designing one simply amazing nursing tank. Hello, super-soft fabric and amazing quality! I love the long length and how I can wear it during pregnancy yet it stretches right back to shape after delivery. Oh, and did I mention it has a built-in bra and goes up to a size G cup in size? You are going to want to stock-up. I suggest buying a few in different colors because once your put it on, you aren't going to want to take it off.
    Get the Essential Nursing Tank from Bravado Designs
  • Breastmilk Storage Bags 4 of 8
    Breastmilk Storage Bags
    Simplisse extra durable design with a double zipper seal is the best! Not only does it protect your milk but it lacks the mess too! We all know how messy it can get. These are ideal for refrigerator and freezer storage and makes your life so much easier. I love the gusseted bottom so you bag can easily stand upright, giving you time to get organized as you place there where they need to go!
    Get your stoage bags from Simplisse
  • TendHer Nursing Pillows 5 of 8
    TendHer Nursing Pillows
    Pillows and pillowcases for your booobs? Um, yes please! We all know how sometimes breastfeeding isn't the most comfortable thing you can do and it can take time to get used to. But, with Pariday's amazing unique system, you can give your breast a break! The best part? They are filled with cool-on-contact gel made with vegetarian food ingredients! Oh, and as for the pillowcases? They wick away mositure while preventing minor leaks! They can even be warmed or cooled for the perfect temp. They are just as perfect at room temp too!
    They will be your boobs BFF! Buy them from Pariday
  • Stylish Nursing Cover 6 of 8
    Stylish Nursing Cover
    OhBabyChic has super-stylish nursing covers that you will love. Currently crushing over the fun prints + patterns too for the chic-momma on the go. And as they say, you will be envied at the playground with a nursing cover like this one. Privacy and style! It's all you need in a nursing cover.
    Get a nursing cover from OhBabyChic
  • The Bliss Nursing Bra 7 of 8
    The Bliss Nursing Bra
    Okay, don't tell anyone. But, is it bad if I love this bra so much I want to wear it even if I am not nursing? Yep, it's so great! My twins have never felt such amazing support. It is the perfect t-shirt bra and I love the super-soft foam cups that give you the protection you need. The satin finish also makes you feel like you aren't wearing a nursing bra as well as the low neckline. No grandma bras here!
    Buy the best nursing bra now from Bravado Designs
  • Nursing Cream 8 of 8
    Nursing Cream
    For those tender days, you need something that glides on gently and helps easy relief in a smooth second. Medela's Tender Care Lanolin provides protection for sore nipples and you don't have to remove it before breastfeeding - it's 100% safe for baby and mom too! Bonus? It's made will all natural ingredients.
    Stock up on cream from Medela

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