Images of Breastfeeding in Mainstream Magazines

Last week I shared some breastfeeding images that had been rounded up and considered ‘glamorous’ and like any topic with breastfeeding, the response was mixed. Many of you felt they were overdone and not at all what ‘real breastfeeding’ looks like {what ever that means} and there were some of you who felt, like me, that these images were beautiful and helped to normalize (any time we see images in the mainstream of breastfeeding — it helps normalize it for those who are not used to seeing it).

Click through to see images of breastfeeding in mainstream magazines:

  • Advertisement for Nipple Cream 1 of 7
    Advertisement for Nipple Cream
    A Lithuanian double spread advertisement that was featured in some magazines, featuring the Garmastan nipple cream.
    Image: coloribus
  • Editorial Fashion 2 of 7
    Editorial Fashion
    Model and founder of GirlieGirlArmy, Chloe Jo Davis is featured in the 2012 magazine breastfeeding her 1-year-old son.
    Image: Italian Elle Magazine
  • Cover Model: Jerry Hall 3 of 7
    Cover Model: Jerry Hall
    On the cover in 1999, Jerry Hall is shown breastfeeding her son. The image was taken by Annie Leibovitz and also caused quite a stir because of how she is dressed with many feeling it's over-sexual.
    Image: Vanity Fair
  • Cover Model: Angelina Jolie 4 of 7
    Cover Model: Angelina Jolie
    Featured on the cover as part of a collection of photos taken by partner Brad Pit - this image features Angelina breastfeeding one of her twins. This cover was also met with both good and bad critiques.
    Image: W Magazine
  • Advertisement: Women Outdoors 5 of 7
    Advertisement: Women Outdoors
    A United States online store released this at in 2001. Trying to sell camping gear this ad features a women and babe in a tent outdoors. It reads: "Women. Mother. Wife. Appalachian Trail Hiker."
    Image: coloribus
  • Editorial Fashion 6 of 7
    Editorial Fashion
    This editorial image featured in V Magazine features a model 'breastfeeding' a toy doll. Many believe this image highly sexualizes breastfeeding but my thought on that differ. Women come with different looks and this is one.
    Image: V Magazine
  • Cover Model: Keely Shaye Smith 7 of 7
    Cover Model: Keely Shaye Smith
    Featured on the cover back in 1997, this brought on a lot of controversial talk. Only available to subscribers this image sparked debate over the ( barely) showing breasts with many saying it mimicked Playboy magazine.
    Image: Redbook Magazine

What are your thoughts? Do these help normalize breastfeeding or do you feel these too over-sensationalize or sexualize breastfeeding?

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