Brides With Bellies: 12 Gorgeous Maternity Wedding Dresses

Taboo No More?

For the most part, it used to be that women got married, then got pregnant.

Brides with bellies are no longer taboo. At least the internets tell me so.  I had no problem finding an array of shops, blogs and resources completely dedicated to the pregnant bride.

Although I’m not entirely too sure that the stigma is definitely gone. I think it depends on your societal and cultural demographic; your socioeconomic class and age. Where you live, your family, and your friends.

Weddings don’t have to be like our parents weddings. Nor have all of us experienced a childhood life of, ‘traditional normalcy’ to mimic. We are marrying older. We’re living together and doing things all at once.

Certainly, the example set by celebrities is that it’s almost the norm to have one or more children—or at least getting pregnant—before marrying (if they even marry at all).  Are young people today following the lead of those who are in the public eye, or are the celebrities merely mirroring the changing norms of society? Or is it a little of both?

For the mister and I, it’s more about ceremony and celebration, rather than hiding something.

Children who are born before marriage are no longer branded as ‘illegitimate’ or ‘products of broken homes.’ This view-point may be changing, but I still run into it. People make assumptions and exhibit their outstanding ignorance all the time, on a multitude of subjects, so why should this one be any different?

What’s the best thing to do in this situation? I’ve found ignoring the ignoramouses to be most productive. I’m all for a good debate now and then, but I also pick and choose my battles. Complete strangers can think whatever they want of me – I don’t need to give them my life story or try to sway them out of their ancient though processes. Many peeps are stuck in their ways and it would be a waste of breath.

I’d prefer to waste my time checking out all of the fabulous wedding dresses that accentuate and look fabulous on a growing belly. Why all the talk on wedding and baby bellies? Welllll, long story short. I am hoping for 3 kiddo’s and I’m not getting any younger. I can’t believe I am admitting this while still pregnant, but if the fates deem it so (and the mister and I can agree) – I just may end up pregnant again not too far down the road.

We got engaged last New Year’s (when pregnant), and the date is set for September 2013. It’s not a completely far-fetched thought to imagine that I could be knocked up again around that time. Honey, if you are reading this, it’s okay – breathe. Our life is fabulous and so are you. Quick! Look! Aren’t these dresses pretty?

Are you a pregnant bride to be? Getting flack or none at all? Who’s been there done that? Looking for inspiration, tales and photo’s here ladies…



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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