Bringing Nostalgia Into Your Nursery

My great grandma Fern's rocking chair.

Yesterday on my blog I talked about how I’m injecting a bit of nostalgia into our nursery with a rocking chair that was given to me by my Grandma.  It belonged to my Great Grandma Fern (our little Fern’s namesake) and I think it’s such a sweet way to add character to the room (I also like the idea of rocking our little Fern in her Great Great Grandmother Fern’s rocker).  Furniture and decor pieces with a story are always so much more special than the items purchased at the store (although if you’re looking for a new rocker, here are 12 that I think are particularly lovely).

Aside from furniture items, here are some additional ways that you can bring a bit of nostalgia into your nursery.

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  • Vintage Toys 1 of 7
    Vintage Toys
    If you are lucky enough to have vintage toys from your childhood still lying around and in good condition, they can bring a fun pop of color when used as decor in your baby's nursery.
  • Old Family Photos Wall 2 of 7
    Old Family Photos Wall
    A photo wall made up of old relatives is a sweet nod to the family tree from which your child is an offshoot.
  • Favorite Childhood Books 3 of 7
    Favorite Childhood Books
    Some of your childhood favorites will provide a bit of vintage flair to your nursery bookshelf.
  • Antique Plate Wall 4 of 7
    Antique Plate Wall
    Break out that antique china and make it into wall art.
  • Family Heirloom Quilt 5 of 7
    Family Heirloom Quilt
    If you have a family quilt or other linens, find ways to incorporate them into your baby's nursery to add a bit of character, color and texture.
  • Mom or Dad’s Favorite Stuffed Toy 6 of 7
    Mom or Dad's Favorite Stuffed Toy
    Maybe your child will end up loving your favorite stuffed toy even more the second time around than you did the first time.
  • Functional Antiques 7 of 7
    Functional Antiques
    Other functional antiques such as a clocks, vases, mirrors, etc. make for lovely nursery decor.

Do you plan on using antiques in your decor or is your aesthetic more modern?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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