Building a Maternity Wardrobe

No surprise here, but most of my clothes no longer fit. I’m 35 weeks pregnant, 30 pounds heavier, and there’s no chance in heck that I can squeeze into my old bras, tops, or jeans.

I guess I’m not a fashionista momma who wanted to spend wads of cash on an extensive maternity maternity; I wanted to spend as little as possible on my maternity clothes. After all, in a month, I’ll be packing them all away until Baby #2!

So – how many shirts, tops, and other pieces did I end up buying? And where did I get them?

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    I bought about seven maternity tops; a few of my floaty regular tees fit me until the end of my second trimester. I bought this shirt in four different colors and wear them all the time. When it was colder outside, I simply pulled on a shrug or cardigan (leaving it unbuttoned, of course). Most of my maternity tees came from Destination Maternity's budget mom section; I also bought a few at Target.
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    Buy pants
    Of course, shirts aren't the only thing you'll outgrow - and fast. My dress pants and jeans were unusable within two months of getting pregnant, even with the special extender bands (or the old hair tie trick). I bought one pair of maternity dress pants in black - at 35 weeks, they are just now feeling a wee bit too tight - as well as a pair of maternity jeans, which I got from a secondhand shop for a mere $10. The dress pants were from Target.
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    Buy bras
    Wait - the only thing you outgrow faster than pants and shirts is your bra. When buying new bras during pregnancy, be sure to buy nursing bras so you'll be able to use them while breastfeeding (nursing bras unclip at the top of the cup). For most of my pregnancy, I alternated between two bras, one black and one beige; I just recently had to buy another bra in a slightly larger size.
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    Buy dresses
    Especially now that it's getting warmer out, nothing feels as comfortable as maternity dresses. I bought four dresses at Target and Old Navy for less than $30 each and have been LOVING them!
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    Buy fitness gear
    It's important to stay active while pregnant. I found that most of my old workout shorts fit for a while; now, only one pair does, and I just re-wash it a lot! I'm a swimmer, and instead of splurging on a fancy maternity fitness suit, I simply bought another regular suit two sizes larger than normal... and it's held up quite well throughout my entire pregnancy! It STILL fits at 35 weeks! Thank goodness for stretchy fabric.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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