But You WANT to Change the Diaper!

I will confess: I am not looking forward to changing my baby’s diaper. I have very little (read: no) diaper-changing experience, but I do pick up my dogs’ poops every single day, and it is not exactly the highlight of my life. The smell makes me gag, even after all these years! Add a screaming, wiggling newborn to the mix, and I’m pretty sure I’m about to experience something rather… well, rather poopy.

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A while back, my mother’s manfriend (calling a 60 year old man a ‘boyfriend’ sounds strange) told my husband that changing the baby’s diaper was the greatest honor of parenting. Dwight said that when a baby’s diaper is wet or dirty, the baby is unhappy and uncomfortable, and if you come to the baby’s rescue, the baby will forever associate you with feeling better on the most basic level. It’s not a chore. It’s an honor.

This explanation makes a great deal a sense to me – it kind of mimics what I’ll be able to do for the breastfeeding. The baby is hungry and unhappy, so I feed it, and it associates me with satisfaction. My husband, obviously, can’t breastfeed baby, but he can make the baby feel clean and comfy.

Ever since Dwight told my husband about his theory, I’ve been driving it home. “Don’t you want to be the one who makes the baby haaaaaappy?” And so far, my master plan is working! My husband even requested that we purchase a very unisex-looking diaper bag since he’ll ‘be doing most of the changing.’ Wahoo!

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