But You're So Small!

This weekend we hit the 18 week mark. Our little guy is still measuring a little bit ahead, but based on one of the three due dates we’ve been given, we’re at 18 weeks. 2 more to the half-way mark. And well, my baby bump is…not huge.

I am not an especially small person, but I am incredibly long waisted, so there is just a ton of space for the baby, which means I really haven’t grown out very much. He can pretty much stand on his head, stretch out completely and not hit anything. I am basically the human torso. I can tell there’s a bump, especially since my shirts that are already long to start with aren’t covering everything anymore. But it seems that no one else can really see the difference.

As my grandma said last week, “Katie, if I didn’t know you were pregnant, I would just think you were getting a little fat.” She has such a way with words.

But it’s not just her. I hear things like that almost every day from people who know I’m pregnant.

“You’re so small!”

“Where are you hiding the baby?”

“You’re not in maternity clothes for that, are you?”

“I look more pregnant than you and my baby is 5.”

And on and on. It doesn’t bother me a whole lot, but it would be nice to have a legitimate baby bump that people perceive as cute instead of first identifying it as small. You know? I realize that because it’s my first and because of my body type this is all perfectly normal, and I’m not displeased with my body, I guess I’m just looking forward to a few more weeks of growth when the bump might become a bit more legitimate.

More than anything else, the more people point out how small I am, the more I feel like there’s an underlying suggestion that I’m doing something wrong. It’s probably one I’m perceiving and not one that is intentionally implied, but that’s the feeling anyway. It’s like I’m not eating enough or not doing what I’m supposed to be doing, which isn’t true at all. Heck, this baby continues to measure further and further ahead at each check up. I think I might be growing a giant. I’m just doing it inconspicuously.

I know I am not alone in the tiny baby bump group, so how do you respond to the comments you get? And am I ever going to catch up, or am I going to be petite the whole time?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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