Butches + Babies: A Love Story

Butches + Babies

The site BUTCHES + BABIES went up less than a week ago and it’s already taken off with hundreds of Tmblr followers and as many Facebook “likes.” It was started by Meaghan O’Malley, who is “almost-married to a butch named Em.”

Meaghan writes, “I delight in the opportunity to snap a photo of Em holding a human baby when I can. This is a blog motivated by that delight and the joy experienced by all people watching butches hold babies.” I never knew I’d delight in watching butches hold babies, but here I am, delighted.

This is a passage from the website that I found incredibly moving: “Beyond the joy and delight, the squeeeing and the exclamations of “OMG ADORBS!”, I’m fascinated by the juxtaposition of a baby nestled in a butch’s arms. Perhaps this is a secret among butches, but having loved them for at least 10 years of my life, I can say quite confidently that I love their vulnerability. It’s not at all easy to march through the world shattering gender norms at every turn. So when a butch holds a small child, relatively unaffected by gender (in a cognitive/behavioral sense), it is a simultaneous exchange of healing and freedom. Maybe I think about this too much, but that’s what I see. Every single time. I see hope and a new world.”

Here, Butch is broadly defined. Meagan writes, “I will not judge or critique you, and I encourage the same from the readership.” And in that welcoming spirit, I offer you a fine selection of butches + babies:

  • Elissa & Graham, Six Days Old 1 of 6
    Elissa & Graham, Six Days Old
  • Baby Darby & Toby 2 of 6
    Baby Darby & Toby
  • Mia & Hawksley 3 of 6
    Mia & Hawksley
  • Hoodie Twins Gretchen & Asher, 2009 4 of 6
    Hoodie Twins Gretchen & Asher, 2009
  • Melanie & Milo, left & Ruby, right 5 of 6
    Melanie & Milo, left & Ruby, right
  • Em & Scarlett 6 of 6
    Em & Scarlett


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