Buying a Delivery Gown: Smart or Silly?

There are certain things that I have no memory of from when I delivered my babies.

The color of the walls, the music playing over the hospital speakers, the color of the gown I wore.

I have zero memory of that gown.

Well, that’s not exactly true. I remember I couldn’t get it off soon enough after giving birth.

So, when I see that bringing your own delivery gown to the hospital is growing more and more popular, it leaves me puzzled.

Did I miss out on something wonderful?

Or are these gowns yet another thing that we just think we need?

Would I want to spend as much as $75 on something that is marketed as disposable?

Are you going to buy one?

What do you think of them? Smart or silly?

I’d love to know.

Here are ten delivery gowns that I think are lovely.

But worth the money? I’m not sure.

I’m dying to hear your thoughts…

Click on the links beneath the gowns for buying information.

Do you think delivery gowns are becoming a Hospital Bag staple?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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