C-Sections & Vagina Preservation

This post is about vaginas.  So before I get started, why don’t we put on our adult face and say it all together… V-A-G-I-N-A!

Now that we got that out of the way… if one more person tells me a perk of having a c-section is to prevent damage to my vagina, or preserve my vagina… I just may scream. Of course it seems as though these people have either:

A) Never had a c-section or
B) Never dealt with the aftermath of adhesion’s.

My first thoughts were sparked about this topic last year after a popular blogger was quoted saying c-section mothers should consider themselves lucky because they won’t have to deal with the real aftermath of a vaginal delivery which we all know can include episiotomies, and all that kind of fun stuff.

But what these women aren’t taking into account is the internal scarring that causes pain for many mothers who have had c-sections. After my first cesarean in 2007 everything returned to normal, but after my second cesarean in 2009, I had a wide array of sex related issues. Most focused around pain during sex because of the internal adhesion’s I had experienced.  Taking sex from something loving, and fun that my husband and I enjoyed, to a task that lost everything that a sexual bond between a couple should be.

In turn the strain caused by the cesarean deliver itself, turned into much more… a strain on our marriage, and an emotional, and physical strain on myself. Can you imagine what kind of blow that does to your self esteem?  Way more than a skid mark, or a loose vagina as the result of a vaginal delivery. And while I have never experienced that, I can say… I wouldn’t wish the pain I went through on my worst enemy.

It wasn’t until I was exposed to a book called Ending Female Pain written by Isa Herrera, a physical therapist based out of New York City, that I knew I wasn’t the only person on the planet with this problem, and the more I talked with other mothers who had c-section deliveries, I realized my problem was more common. But unfortunately for all the c-section moms out there… especially those of us who didn’t just glow and rave about our surgical deliveries, it is just one of those topics that is too taboo to talk about. Ultimately leaving so many to suffer in silence.

After reading the book from cover to cover, I was able to go through the steps, and suggested home therapy options to really help the pain associated with my cesarean, and sex, and ultimately it helped in the long run. Obviously considering we are expecting our very unplanned third child.

But the point is… to many c-section mothers, the minor vagina preservation comments are not only offensive, but they can be more hurtful in the long run. And many women frankly don’t care about how tight their vagina is after having a baby. Life takes a different meaning, and the vain things in life we may have considered really important, aren’t important at all anymore.

photo: flickr.com/doberes

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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