Toddler Suckles From A Cow [Video]

After his home was devastated by a flood, this creative toddler finds comfort from a cow.

Here’s a true and oddly touching story of a little toddler who found comfort from a cow’s udder after his home was devastated by a storm.

The Telegraph reports that– after being abruptly weaned from his own mother’s breast–an 18 month-old Cambodian toddler suckled milk directly from a cow for a whole month and not only did he not get ill, but he seems to have improved his health.

The baby boy was forced to wean when– after the storm devastation– his mother and father had to leave the country to get work. The baby was moved to a village with his grandfather and became ill, apparently from the weaning. Then the boy saw a baby calf suckling and got the idea…

Watch the video here:



As you can see, the cow doesn’t mind, the boy loves the milk and everyone seems happy… except the village neighbors who think it’s “funny” and weird and possibly bad for the kid’s psychological health. When the grandfather tried to get the boy to stop, the boy cried. So he let the little guy continue to suckle once a day as it’s actually improved his health and it doesn’t give him diarrhea.
I know it’s all very peculiar, but, hey, it’s fresh and probably organic! These cows are grass fed! And who knows what the water supply is like in this village. Plus, he’s getting some sucking comfort to help him deal with an abrupt weaning from not just his mother’s breast, but his entire life as he knew it! (Jungle Boy is a national treasure, and you can bet little Mowgli wasn’t bottle-fed by those wolves.)

I don’t know… it all seems fairly benign to me and even a tad resourceful. But then I have no idea how risky it is to suckle from a farm animal–it’s probably not the ideal way for a toddler to feed but so far it seems to be helping the little chap through what sounds like a tough ‘transition!’

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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