Can a Pregnant Woman Abuse 'Stork Parking?'

It’s not that often that I have the opportunity to use stork parking. The first reason being that I don’t live in a suburban area that offers it nor do I own a car, the second being that women are only pregnant nine months and only have limited amount of time to use it.

I’ve been in the suburbs for two weeks staying at my parents house and I’m not going to deny that I’ve looked for ‘stork parking’ at every place that I have gone to. I’ve been disappointed every time as none of the establishments have offered it.  If it were available, there is no doubt that I would be using it every single time.

I recently came across an article discussing five times it’s not okay to use ‘stork parking.’ The author of the article thinks that “stork parking” should be used for certain situations only and can definitely be abused by pregnant women. While I can see where she is coming from with some of her reasons, I’m not sure it’s really possible to “abuse” parking spaces reserved for pregnant women.

“Stork parking” involves parking spaces that are at the front of the parking lot specifically reserved for women that are expecting.  There are no rules for what kind of pregnant women are allowed to use the spaces.  It doesn’t say you have to be showing or “x” months along to use the parking spaces, therefore I see no way a pregnant woman can abuse the space.

One of the reasons the writer points out that it is not okay for a pregnant woman to use the parking spot is if  “you don’t exercise.  at all.” I worked out everyday during my first pregnancy, but have been unable to work out with the second due to my morning sickness that is still going strong at 30 weeks and the fact that I have a two-year old to run around after. I don’t sit at home and eat and do nothing, but I’m not hitting the gym either.  Some pregnant women aren’t physically able to work out while pregnant and that should be more of a reason for them to use a parking spot that is reserved for them.

The writer, who is also six months pregnant, also thinks that if you have other people in the car with you, you shouldn’t be able to use the parking spot.  She says that the people in the car with you should be able to carry your heavy bags back to the car for you, therefore the spot shouldn’t be necessary.  Although I can see her point, having people in the car with me does not take away the pain in my legs from varicose veins, or my lower back pain that is really starting to settle in now. Those people in the car take away none of the pregnancy side-effects that make pregnancy painful and uncomfortable.

Pregnancy parking is meant for those that are expecting a child regardless of any circumstances.  If they are carrying a child, they are more than welcome to use the spot.  No questions asked.

Do you think women can abuse pregnancy parking?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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