Can Mother Nature Put You into Labor?

Just like my fear of giving birth in the car, I also have a strong fear of going into labor during a natural disaster. Yes, I might suffer a wee bit from anxiety and have control issues.

A few weeks ago, my OB asked if I wanted to consider early induction, I told her “only if a snow storm of epic proportions is headed our way.” Which, in central Indiana during the month of January, isn’t totally out of the question, I suppose.

Let it be put on the record: If snowmageddon 2012 coincides with my due date during the 2nd week of January, I will be camped out at the hotel complex adjacent to my hospital.  I will pack with me my labor & delivery bag, a supply of double stuffed oreos, and my sour patch kids. I will watch copious amounts of TLC as I wait out the storm, or go into labor, whatever comes first.

I often wonder, can Mother Nature put you into labor? According to our own Being Pregnant mom Ceridwen Morris, I’m starting to think she can. Just yesterday, Reuters reported that during the peak of hurricane Irene, a hospital in North Carolina delivered 17 babies in an 18 hour stretch, opposed to their average 10 or 11 births they usually attend to. Yes, I’m totally blaming Irene and her magic ability to quickly change barometric pressure as the reason why so many women went into labor this past weekend.

When I gave birth to my oldest, it was during a full moon. Proving the myth true that the lunar cycle can have an impact on a woman’s natural cycle, every single labor and delivery room at my hospital was filled with new and expecting moms.  Since I had given birth the day before, I was asked if it would be ok to move me to another wing of the hospital, to make room for women in active labor. Naturally, I complied.

Whether it’s a lunar cycle, blizzard or hurricane, I just have a hard time chalking it up to random chance. Coincidence? I think not.

Were you in the path of the Irene? If so, were you fearful of going into labor and getting caught by the eye of the storm?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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