Can Text Messages Prevent Teen Pregnancy?

Can Text Messages Prevent Teen Pregnancy?You might think this story is about teenagers spending so much time texting on their phones that they don’t have any time for sex, and therefore, won’t get pregnant.

But that’s not it at all.

I first came across this news on BetaBeat — a techie website that’s anything but boring and totally worth your time. The goal is, basically, to blow up a teen’s phone all day and night with messages from a “text baby” in an effort to show how much work and time is involved in having a baby.

When I was these kids’ ages, I had a beeper. For real. And I wouldn’t have my first cell phone for years later. When I was their age (God, I sound old), my home economics class sent each of us home with an uncooked egg for the weekend as an example of what it’s like to have a baby.

The goal then — as it is with this new texting campaign — is to show just how hard it is to care for something other than yourself. Specifically, a baby.

But uncooked eggs and relentless texts are no substitute for a real, live baby. A virtual diaper change is no comparison for the real thing. Puke that isn’t actual and from the mouths of babes is no puke at all.

So some people — BetaBeat included — are laughing at this campaign. And while it can appear a bit ridiculous and seem juvenile to, ahem, those of us who are maybe just a wee bit older, I think its ultimate purpose is a solid one — and its side effect a crucial one: dialogue about teen pregnancy.

Most teens need something trendy to catch their eye, to grab their attention. And to get them talking.

And that will end up being the strongest part of this campaign: getting teens to talk about teenage pregnancy and opening up that much-needed dialogue that will — inevitably — bring more awareness and help the national teen pregnancy rates continue to drop.

::What do you think of this campaign? Useful or ridiculous?::

Source: BetaBeat
Photo: Carissa Rogers via Flickr Creative Commons

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