Celeb Pregnancy Cravings

Mmmm... Eat me.

If I had to pick one thing I’ve spent the majority of this pregnancy craving I’d say the fish burrito from a Mexican joint called Rancherito.

For the past three months, like clockwork, I’ve left the news station and everyone knows where I’m headed. To get my fish burrito. And God help anyone who stands in my way or delays me with chitchat on my way out the door. Because mama needs her fish burrito and she needs it now! Extra red and green sauce, please.

I also seem to get a bit of a sweet tooth when pregnant. Normally I’m not a sugar kind of gal. It’s the salty snacks I crave. Nachos, popcorn, Doritos. But lately, Serge can often find me wandering around the bakery section of the grocery store during our weekly shopping trips. Should I get the donut holes or the brownies, I’ll ask him, like we both don’t know that I’m going to get both.

I happened to be paging through Us Weekly or maybe it was In Touch, who the hell can tell ’em apart? But anyway, I was paging through and came across a page detailing celeb pregnancy cravings.

Without further ado:

Natalie Portman: Pickles. Really? I guess a cliche becomes a cliche for a reason, but I’ve not yet craved a pickle.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Watermelon.

Mariah Carey: Candied apples

Pink: Sour Patch Kids. I too have gone through a major candy phase. I must’ve eaten a pound of pear flavored Jelly Bellys this week.

Jennifer Connelly: Pretzels and cream cheese.

Kate Hudson: Ice cream.

So what about you? What are you craving or what did you crave while pregnant? My mom said she craved eating dirt and licking cement. Can you top that?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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