Celebrating Our 1st Anniversary With the News of TWINS!

Celebrating Our 1-year Anniversary With the News of TWINS!

A year ago today, Sara and I stole away into the night, without a soul knowing, and eloped. OK, so that’s not how it went at all. For one, it wasn’t nighttime; it was noon on Sunday. And for another, it wasn’t a total secret; my parents were there and so was a photographer.

It was a glorious day — one of the happiest of my life, in fact. And as we celebrate our first anniversary together, we have much to be happy about. Not least of which is the fact that yesterday we learned we are going to be the moms of TWINS!

Check out our wedding album, and hear more about our elopement and the story of the twins discovery after the jump.

Sara and I had been planning an actual wedding, set for April 15 (the day we met). My mother bought be a dress. We booked a photographer. We checked out numerous venues. Talked about flowers. Flower girls. Food. Cake. Invitations. The honeymoon. The guest list.

And that’s when it became clear that our day would have a bit of a whole in it.

Much of Sara’s family doesn’t approve of our relationship, including her parents. And they certainly wouldn’t attend our wedding ceremony, let alone recognize our union. While Sara and I very much live our lives happily and healthily without their blessing or support, not having her parents there on the most important day of our lives was difficult to reconcile.

Couple that with the fact that my family would undoubtedly be there in its massive entirety, and Sara — and I — felt like the absence of those most important to her would be made more difficult with the strong and full presence of my family. Not that our day would be devoid of joy. Far from it. But more so that it would feel incomplete.

And then we found out that my older brother was going to set his wedding date for two weeks to the day before our chosen date.

So we decide to elope.

I woke up one Sunday morning, and I said to Sara, “Let’s get married next Sunday. Let’s just do it.”

She immediately replied, “OK! Let’s do it!”

We contacted my friend, Mayor of New Paltz, Jason West and asked if he would wed us. I called my artist friend, Samantha June and asked her if she could make two wedding bands. We called two friends and asked if they would be our witnesses. And I called the photographer we had booked for our April wedding to cancel.

The Mayor was delighted to do the ceremony. Samantha was thrilled to make our rings. Kerri and Kate were ecstatic to stand up for us. And the photographer offered to come and capture our day!

We were overjoyed. And suddenly, Sunday felt like a lifetime away.

Sara and I discussed the difficulty of now not having any of our siblings there, but we agreed that it would be unfair to ask those who lived closest to us to attend simply because they were near. It was all siblings, or none.

But as the week wore on, I started having a really tough time with the idea of not having my mom and dad at my wedding, even if it was going to be a 20-minute event in the woods. But we had agreed: no family.

Sara and I chose one of my favorite spots on the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail in New Paltz, NY. The morning of our elopement, I woke up to Sara dialing on her phone.

It was 8:00 on a Sunday morning.

“Hi Poppy,” I hear her say.

Poppy? My dad? Why is she on the phone with my dad?

“Are you and Mema awake?” she asked.

Of course they’re not. It’s 8:00 a.m. on a Sunday.

“Well, you two better get up, because you have a wedding to go to! We’re getting married today!”

Oh my, she just invited my parents to our elopement.

And they came. They were thrilled to come. And that’s the kind of woman I married. Sara told me she didn’t want me to have an ounce of sadness or regret about our wedding day, and she knew how important it was to me to have my mother and father there on my wedding day, and so she suspected we would both regret their absence.

Sara and I got married in jeans. Off-white shirts. And boots. My flower bouquet was made from leftover flowers from the home of one of our witnesses. I wrapped the stems in a corn stalk. Our dog, Darla, was there.

It poured throughout the night before during an outrageous thunderstorm. But on October 2, 2011, the skies cleared and sun kissed our faces. And it was the happiest day of my life.

Until October 1, 2012 yesterday. That’s the day Sara and I discovered that we are going to be the mothers of twins. It was our first ultrasound, and we were told we might not see anything and that it would definitely be at the ultrasound next week that we might be able to see if it’s twins. But the ultrasound wand was inside of me for less than one minute when the tech said, “Woop, there’s two babies!”

I thought I misheard her. Sara squeezed my hand and grinned like I’ve never seen her grin. The ultrasound tech told us they were two “perfect and strong little babies.” Two. And we could see them clear as day.

And just like that, in that very minute, our world changed.

We’re overjoyed by the news still processing it, sure, but overjoyed nonetheless.

So within one year, I’ve had the two happiest days of my life with my wife. I am blessed and loved, and I’m so thrilled to continue living these happy days with the woman who brings me so much joy.

Feel free to click through our wedding album. Photo credit and rights belong to the very talented Tamme Stitt Photography.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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