Celebrating our "Lasts" Before Baby

As much as my writing tends to fall into the category of sarcasm sometimes, I am actually an obnoxiously sentimental person. And pregnancy has really enhanced that side of me. I’m always trying to remember milestones with the pregnancy/baby, trying to savor moments and feelings and all of that adorable mushy stuff.

Granted, I don’t talk about it much, but I’ll never forget the first time my husband felt the baby kick or the feeling I had when we found out he was a boy. At this point, I find myself spending a lot of time thinking about how things are going to change and the little person we’re about to meet.

Part of this future thinking has been a concerted effort to savor our “lasts.” Not that it’s a bad thing, but once the baby is here, there are things that we simply won’t be able to do easily, if at all, for a while. Sure, we will definitely be able to do some of these things eventually, or after careful planning, but our spontaneous events are out. I know that there will be so many new “firsts” but as my time before motherhood rapidly winds down (15 days until my due date, OMG), I’m trying to savor all my lasts before they’re gone.

These are the 8 lasts we’ve already celebrated, we’ll see how many more we can squeeze in before he arrives.

  • Last dinner as a couple 1 of 8
    Last dinner as a couple
    Sure, we will be able to get a babysitter or bring the baby with us to dinner, but the spontaneity will soon be lost. Since we don't know exactly when the baby will come, the past few times we've gone out to a nice dinner we've tried to savor it. We enjoyed slow meals, conversation and general relaxation because we know that in a few short months, those things will not be as easy to come by. This particular picture is the restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner and where we've celebrated many milestones as a couple.
  • Last vacation as a couple 2 of 8
    Last vacation as a couple
    I have already mentally planned trips I want to take my kids on (Disneyworld, Washington D.C., etc), but in terms of vacations as a couple, the one we took in December was our last one for a good decade or so. And so while we were in New York, we saw shows, went to romantic dinners and otherwise just enjoyed our alone time.
  • Last movie night 3 of 8
    Last movie night
    Though my husband is desperately hoping that the baby (who yesterday was determined to be VERY low and who my doctor suggested she might get to deliver by Tuesday), will hold out until early May when The Avengers comes out, we've already gone to what we imagine will be our last movie together. Granted, I did have to get up and pee 8 times during the movie, but it was nice to be able to turn my phone off and focus on the plot instead of having to worry about a babysitter calling or something happening with the baby.
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  • Last day of pampering 4 of 8
    Last day of pampering
    I know this one is kind of selfish, but a few weeks ago I had a prenatal massage where I was able to just go out and enjoy myself without feeling guilty or like I needed to rush home. I know that the ability to pamper myself will soon be lost, so I savored that day to it's very last moment.
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  • Last night of good sleep 5 of 8
    Last night of good sleep
    I think we may have celebrated this last about 2 months ago since sleep has become a serious challenge these days. But I know that any night where I get to sleep mostly uninterrupted for more than a few hours at a time is a going to seem like the greatest luxury ever, very soon. So even though my hips hurt in ways I cannot explain and every time I wake up to pee I also cause a cascade of contractions, I am still enjoying it as much as I possibly can.
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  • Last girls day with mom 6 of 8
    Last girls day with mom
    On Wednesday my mom came down to visit and she and I had a nice lunch, went shopping and just otherwise had a girl's day out. Not that we won't still spend time together once the baby is here, but the afternoon of carefree fun was something I'll treasure for a while.
  • Last lunch with my sister 7 of 8
    Last lunch with my sister
    Yesterday I met my sister for lunch at one of our favorite Italian places halfway between our homes. It was a nice afternoon of gossip and fun stories and all around relaxation and great food. I know that someday we'll both bring our kids along for lunch, but it was the last meal the two of us could really just be us, be unencumbered and irreverent. As usual.
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  • Last spontaneous errands 8 of 8
    Last spontaneous errands
    I have to confess, I absolutely hate running errands. I will procrastinate until the moment before a store closes or the very last day I have to do something, it's just my character. But I also realize that the days of just getting up and running an errand are soon gone. And so today as I begrudgingly go to the grocery store, I'm going to remember how nice it is to not have to pack extra bags or strollers or anything besides my purse and my shopping list. (And yes, that's my husband's to-do list for the baby. I would like the Reminders app to die a fiery death before I have to kill him from all the nagging.)

We only have a few days to weeks before the baby makes his appearance, but we’ll continue to savor these lasts as long as we can. And then we get to start on a whole new list- our firsts, firsts as a mother, as a family. And we’re more than a little excited about it.

What lasts did you savor before baby?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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