Let Me Update You On My Cervix

I have officially reached the point in my pregnancy where I see more of my OB than I see some of my closest friends and family. With weekly visits now, I find myself actually looking forward to having my cervix checked.

Hey, I want to know what’s going on in there!

I also feel strangely eager to share the results of my cervical checks with anyone who will listen — I mean — my friends, family, Twitter followers and blog readers care about my dilation and effacement, right? Sometimes I wonder if it’s TMI.

I do know that cervical dilation and effacement aren’t always a good indicator of when you will go into labor, however, I feel like I have been pregnant for at least three years at this point, and any sort of insight about what is happening at that hidden gateway is fascinating to me.

At my 35-week check-up last week, my OB informed me that my cervix is still completely closed, and that I am 80% effaced.

I’m definitely at the miserable phase of this pregnancy, but I want to keep my baby in as long as I can (you know, within reason), so it was somewhat reassuring to know that I don’t have any dilation yet. Especially when I would have bet a million dollars that she was ready to just fall out!

I’ve often wondered if I can check my own cervix to see if I am dilated, and after stumbling upon this great article by Ceridwen Morris right here on Babble, my question was answered! I only wish I would have found her article earlier, though, I probably would have been checking on things too often.

My next OB appointment is Monday, and I am eager to find out if anything has changed!

So, are status updates about someone’s cervix TMI, in your opinion?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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