Basal Body Charting for Fertility: My Necessary Evil

Charting for Fertility: My Necessary EvilI’ve talked before about how I am using basal body temperatures to help keep track of my fertility. I started over 8 years ago when I was trying to get pregnant for the first time and have been doing it ever since.

I’ve used it to track ovulation for pregnancy, ovulation to prevent pregnancy, and to give me clues as to why I was not getting pregnant after several months.

If you’ve ever charted in attempt to get pregnant and it’s taken you longer than you had hoped, you will understand when I say that it wears on you.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the signs and signals your body may be telling you. Analyzing your chart to see if there’s any sign of ovulation, checking your cervial mucus and position to see if it’s getting ready to ovulate.

The dips, the curves, the triphasic patterns, implantation dip, luteal phase — it’s no wonder many people I know have to take a break from the daily charting every few months.

I’ve been charting for our next hopeful baby for over a year now and I keep it up every month. I am thankful that it’s not a huge learning curve for me. I am pretty in tune with the ins and outs of the process. After a year though, the stress of it all is kind of taking it’s toll on me and I really can see why others take a break. I want to take a break myself.

Only, I can’t. It’s kind of a necessary evil for me right now.

Charting has given me the clue that I’m not ovulating and it’s telling me now that, thanks to Clomid, I am ovulating again. It will also tell me if I implant and give me signs before a¬†pregnancy¬†test that I could be pregnant.

Given my miscarriage history and the medications I need to be on to prevent another one, those are important clues to aid in a healthy full-term pregnancy.

So, no time off for me — no matter how stressful I find it after all these months.

I am grateful that I have friends who have been through this and give me the opportunity to talk through the stress with them. It makes managing the stress so much easier.

:: What do you find helps manage the stress when you’re charting for fertility? ::

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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