Babymoon Checklist

Before welcoming the newest addition to our family of four, the hubs and I need to get away, like REALLY needed to get away. We’ve got two kids already and all the stress that comes with that, plus the normal stress of life, not to mention the added bonus of my cray-cray pregnancy hormones and endless aches and pains. Oh, how I have looked forward to the Babymoon.

Sure it’s an extra expense to go along with all the other expenses of having another kid, but I scoured the web for the deal of the century which made it very doable. Not to mention I need this for my sanity and for my marriage. Life’s not easy and the love of my life and I need to take some time for just us. I think every couple should too. So keep reading and viewing for all my must haves for this Babymoon…

  • Choose Your Babymoon Oasis 1 of 19
    Choose Your Babymoon Oasis
    We chose Palm Springs because its' driving distance, totally relaxing, entertaining, beautiful, and relaxing, oh and really relaxing! I feel so lucky to live so close to this gem in the desert.
  • Find A Deal 2 of 19
    Find A Deal
    Thank you internet for saving us tons of monay! I found an amazing deal on this super lux hotel. We could have stayed at the local motel 6 for what I paid and we got a dinner with drinks included. Score!
  • Babies First Drag Show 3 of 19
    Babies First Drag Show
    We went Sunday thru weds (it was cheaper!) and I was extra happy because every Sunday night there's a drag show at the Toucan. I loved it and the hubs got a kick out of it too. Check out ‘her' boob, it's as big as my head! Also, the drag queens gave me tons of attention because it's not that often they get woman, let alone a pregnant one in the audience!
  • Take An Outdoor Bath 4 of 19
    Take An Outdoor Bath
    Our steal of a deal room came with an outdoor bathtub. It was awesome and heavenly and romantic. Actually my favorite outdoor bath (since there were several) was when the hubs went for a solo hike and I stayed behind for a solo bath. I cannot remember the last time I had a solo bath. My baths consist of wrangling squirmy and slippery and screaming children.
  • Wear A Bikini 5 of 19
    Wear A Bikini
    Why not? My stomach is so stretched that there are no rolls or muffin tops. Plus who wants to wear a giant one piece while in the heat of the desert. No one seemed to mind or I was just in such nirvana that I didn't notice anyone minding.
  • Relax Naked By The Pool 6 of 19
    Relax Naked By The Pool
    Ok, not really naked, but my belly is so large in this shot that you can't see my bathing suit! So instead of relaxing naked by the pool (unless you are at a nudist resort), just relax in your attire of choice.
  • Play Footsie 7 of 19
    Play Footsie
    While relaxing by the pool play a game of footsie with your hubs. We were both reading on our separate chairs, then our toes met and fell in love. It's a way to be together while still doing your own thing and it makes us feel connected and like love birds or an octopus.
  • Take In The View 8 of 19
    Take In The View
    Palm Springs is magical, just look at the view from our hotel. We couldn't help but feel amazing and in love and so very fortunate.
  • Obstruct A View 9 of 19
    Obstruct A View
    Take some fun belly shots so you can remember this time. I love this one with the oasis in the background. Also, if you turn this photo on its side I kind of look like a two humped camel.
  • Drive Through A Rock 10 of 19
    Drive Through A Rock
    Easier said than done. On our way to a hike we got to drive through a rock. How cool is that?!
  • Go For A Hike 11 of 19
    Go For A Hike
    Or in my case a very slow walk and on the inclines hold on to your husband and make him carry you up the hills.
  • Dip Your Toes In Cool Water 12 of 19
    Dip Your Toes In Cool Water
    On our hike/slow walk we came across a small creek, which was perfect for dipping our hot toes into. I like this shot because my feet look like flintstone feet, no that's not why I like it. I like it because you can just see my belly reflecting in the water.
  • Have A Nice, Relaxing Dinner 13 of 19
    Have A Nice, Relaxing Dinner
    With no children yelling and throwing food, with real adult food like this charcuterie plate. Yes, I'm well aware that pregnant woman should avoid meats like this, but I don't care and I ate it all. Remember, I've got gestational diabetes so my diet is beyond restricted anyway so this was a real treat.
  • Compare Your Belly To Buddha’s 14 of 19
    Compare Your Belly To Buddha's
    Buddha had me on the girth, but I had him on depth and pointiness. Also, his is wood, mines a baby.
  • Catch Up On Things Forgotten 15 of 19
    Catch Up On Things Forgotten
    I bought this amazing journal to fill in for advice to my daughter and this trip gave me the much needed chance to fill it in.
    Get your own copy of My Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Daughter at Amazon for $11.53
  • Visit A Special Place 16 of 19
    Visit A Special Place
    My husband and I got married at a private residence in Palm Springs so we went back to the spot where we tied the knot to reminisce and fall in love all over again. If you are going to a new place, then create a new special spot to go back to.
  • Laugh And Laugh At Yourself 17 of 19
    Laugh And Laugh At Yourself
    What is this pile of clothes in the shower you say. No, it has nothing to do with intimate bedroom happenings. This pile of clothes is my husband's after he went to the pool restaurant to wait for me for our romantic dinner. Unfortunately, he fell into the pool! When he came back to the room I couldn't believe it and we both cracked up.
  • Toast To Your Love 18 of 19
    Toast To Your Love
    After the pool incident the man changed and we headed back down for an amazing meal and toast to our love, our family and our new little one on the way. It was a wonderful way to end our Babymoon.
  • Return To Hugs 19 of 19
    Return To Hugs
    We've got two kids waiting for us at home and it was so fun to return to big hugs all around. Those few days away really made us appreciate our family. Every couple needs to get away from the kids or getaway before welcoming a new bundle. The time away is a time for you and your partner to strengthen your connection and give you a bit of renewal before heading back to the grind.

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