Choosing a Stroller for City Living

So many decisions to make for baby!

With all of the cute baby stuff on the market, it’s easy to feel like you absolutely need one of everything.  Since we live in a 1,200 square foot townhouse just outside of downtown Seattle, having one of everything is not an option.

When you live in small spaces, you learn to maximize every square inch and only choose things that are both practical and functional.  So when it came time to register for baby goods, we knew that we really needed to consider what we would need, rather than just picking everything that seemed relatively useful.

With very limited storage options available to us, we knew from the beginning that we would only have room for ONE stroller.  While many moms seem to have multiple options available in their big suburban garages – umbrella strollers, jogging strollers, infant strollers, etc. – we were going to need to make it work with one all-purpose stroller.

Here is what we ended up choosing…

After multiple trips to BabiesR’Us and endless hours of internet research, we ultimately decided to register for the BOB Revolution CE.  We considered a number of factors in making this decision…

1.  Size of stroller.

Obviously since our house and garage are small, size was a big factor.  Even though the BOB is a relatively large stroller, it is the smallest model they make – specifically geared for “tight corners, crowded sidewalks, and small spaces.”  We will probably store it folded up in the trunk of our SUV when we’re not using it!

2.  How/when we plan to use it.

It’s hard to know without our baby actually being here, but I see myself as being more of an Ergo carrier type of mom than a stroller pusher.  My main reason for getting a stroller is to use it when walking the local jogging trails and doing light exercise.  The stroller we chose also has an attachment for an infant car seat that we plan to use until he’s big enough for the big boy seat.  I don’t think I’ll actually use it as a running stroller for quite a while (until he is more sturdy!), but I do plan to hopefully do a lot of walking.

3.  Length of use.

Strollers aren’t cheap, and we wanted to make sure that if we were going to make an expensive investment, it would be for something that we can use beyond the 6-month infant stages.  Because the stroller we chose has the option to add the car seat attachment for infants, we can theoretically use this stroller until our baby weighs 70 pounds!  Hard to believe he will ever be that big.  We also plan to have more children down the road, so our hope is that this stroller can be used for many years to come.  If we end up with two babies who are stroller-aged, we can also sell this one and upgrade to a dualie!

What type of stroller did you choose for your baby?  Did you choose more than one?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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